Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fan the Flame...Camping 2009

I'm into pictures and video these days...

Here's camping! We had a blast and decided to do an annual GV Young Nuns Adventure with T-Shirts and everything!

Enjoy the video!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Giving Voice--Living community in the 21st Century

We had our 4th annual Giving Voice Conference: Living Community in the 21st Century this weekend at the very lovely Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI (Yeah SSSFs baby!)For our opening ritual we asked participants to send in photos illustrating their congregation and people who are important to them and describe "Where We've Been and Where we Are". Throughout the week we took many photos and today at our closing liturgy we integrated the photos into our opening one with the 3 songs we used for reflection these days. (there are a couple GV bonuses from many of our gatherings too!) I hope you enjoy this picture video....we had a blast.

I'm going camping for a week now with some of my GV friends. I'm so excited to just be in nature and relax and um...relax and oh yeah...maybe just relax. I'm sure there will be pictures and stories to share from that too! :)
Thanks GV was a fantastic weekend! I love religious life...and I'm committed to it's future! WOOOOO HOOOO! YAY for Party buses and butterfly pictures!

PS I know there are photo repeats...let's just say: 2:30a.m. last night of conference. :)