Sunday, September 6, 2009

News from the Alma Mater

Well...apparently my letter to July didn't work...It's September now! We finished two weeks of school already...I can't believe it. Life at St. Roman's is definitely in full swing again. I am not as faithful to this blog as I'd like to be; I'm so glad I still have fans! I am still around...just more sporadically.

Friday, I went to my sister, Ellie's soccer game. She's a nursing student at Alverno and a very talented player. She broke the college's record for number of points scored! WOOT WOOT. I played on Alverno's very first team...I guess I held the record for most points scored 1 season (1pt; only goal we had all season). Ellie is incredible. Here's the link to her article Go Inferno!