Saturday, August 4, 2007


YES, Folks...we are 1 week away from Profession Day! I'm leaving on my "vow prep" retreat with 6 of our sisters in 1 hour...AHHHHHH........I'm soooooooooo excited!

Will report on the vow retreat on Wednesdayish upon my return.

Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate-

Just wanted to say that I can't wait until Saturday. I can't wait for you to celebrate "Vowie Wowie" and I can't wait to see my friend. Only three days left in the big countdown. Yahoo for you!! See ya on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,

I came across your blog this week. Early congrats on first vows this weekend!

Kristin Evans

Peg said...

Congratulations Katy!

Kelly_SSJ/A said...

Congratulations from a frequent reader! God's blessings!

yofed said...

I guess it would be today... congrats!