Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Adventures of Media Nun

This fun nun was on vacation for a week (ahhhhhhh) and I have some more media news to share...

You got it folks....One Fun Nun has hit the media scene again! Woot woot!

WTMJ-channel 4 (Milwaukee's NBC affiliate), interviewed me and a couple of my peeps. Click on the title of this post for the interview! Then click on "Video" underneath that charming picture of me.

Thanks to Stephanie Graham and the neato camera people she brought with her. They did a great job!



Pat-HFPS said...

Hi Sr. Katy, I saw your interview and loved it. I am glad you are showing the youth that we still need nuns! I had a friend that was very involved in Comedy Sports before she moved to AZ. I heard our paths also crossed as you interviewed a K-4 teacher. Good luck with your new position at St. Romans-Pat-HFPS

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

AWESOME interview!!!

You are now linked on my blog.

Peace my sister

Anonymous said...

Hey Sister!

I just found out about your blog from reading The Musings of a Discerning Woman by Sister Susan.

I am looking forward to reading your blog now and I'm hooked up to your RSS Feed.

Keep up thed great work.

You and the "Sisterhood" are a blessing and inspiration to us all.

Maybe you can connect with Sr Susan and Sr. Julie of A Nun's Life regarding the webring called SisterBloggers.

Again, very nice to be introduced to your blog.

Kazimer - "Kaz"

Katherine said...

Nice interview!! You are a great testament to the fact that religious life isn't just a thing of the past, but rather of the present AND the future.

Kelly_SSJ/A said... you know if they have the whole of the interview. All they show in the video is the teaser for the 10 o'clock news with your interview.

Sister_Katy said...

Hey Kelly ssj/ on the title of the blog...and you'll be there!
Sr. Katy

Sister_Katy said...

Thanks for linking me Susan! Wah...I miss Florida!

Hi PAT! So so so nice to hear from you...You are all getting a GREAT principal...Angela is a good friend of mine. :)

Thanks for all the great comments! Woot woot!

Anonymous said...

Katy that was an awesome interview. SO proud of you! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Sr. Katy! Your interview was awesome! I wish I had seen it when it actually aired on TV, but I am glad I got to see it at all through your link.
I love reading your blog, keep up the awesome work!


Gregg, Esperanza, and MarilĂș said...

Hello Katy,

We've linked you to our blog at:

Gregg, Esperanza, and Marilu

Anonymous said...

Dear Sr. Katy,

Greetings from your #1 fan.

I'm ashamed to admit that that I didn't realize that I had that title until Jan mentioned it offhandedly a few weeks ago. Somehow I missed seeing that post.

Your WTMJ video seems to have gone away, but I wanted to comment on your retreat video, which is terrific. I love the song also. I think I know (don't know?) that woman (women?).

I also love the musical version of the St. Francis prayer. Interestingly, I mentioned that to a Jewish friend of mine, only to find out that that he carries in his wallet! That prayer is known as the 11th step prayer in a certain spiritual group I belong to, and I think embodies the spirit of the program as well as anything in its literature.

Keep up the great work.

Johnny Rice