Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Retreat Installment #2: Whimsical Yo Yo

Profound YoYo (see Retreat Installment #1) had the spirit working over time in lots of intense prayer time...LOTS. Because the spirit believes that my goal for life is BALANCE...she surprised me my first afternoon of retreat (day after YoYo Ma) with a care package. I woke up from a nap and opened my door and voila! Here's what I saw:

A little context...My friend, Sr. Vicki, CSA is the proud owner of a Hoops stuffed animal. Hoops has been on retreat, around the US, and most recently in Ireland accompanying a group of Dominican students on a trip. Hoops missed having a buddy to join in the photographing he decided to surprise me with a Yo Yo care package to help balance some of the seriousness (or as my retreat director said, "You need a little whimsy!").

So I opened the door and laughed (I was totally surprised) and in addition to Yo Yo there was a coffee mug and a fun and thoughtful card. I now had an assignment...Yo Yo needed to have a retreat with me so he could share with Hoops all of the great things we prayed about this week.

It was a good diversion when life got a little intense, that's for sure. And it was fun to say, "Hey...Yo Yo could take a picture of this...and this...oh and this!" (Yo Yo is having way more fun on vacation! Just wait until those photos come!)

Well...folks...that is Retreat Installment #2: Whimsical Yo Yo. There is one final chapter to be unveiled...

Retreat Installment #3: Multi-Media-ing Yo-yo...stay tuned....


Brother Charles said...

I'll bet that your friend Sr. Vicki, CSA is our mutual friend, if she is the same very cool sister who was a novice at the same time as me, ca. '01-'02 in and around Fond du Lac.


Lisa Joan Sepa said...

I love this! How wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Mass at all during your "retreat", or is that too old fashioned?

Anonymous said...

hello S. Katy

Found you in the Alverno homecoming 2009 mailing. I will enjoy reading your blog.
My children attended Holy Family school in WFB.
They are now in their 40's.
I'm a 1957 grad of Alverno BS Ed
Cardinal Stritch MA Rdg
Live in Napa, CA
Daily Mass at St. Apollinaris
Husband M.U. grad still practicing law at age 77.

KAREN said...

I found you blog and loved it. What was the name of that wonderfulsong playing in the background?