Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sr. Mary Lawyer Girl! I totally got home from Omaha a week an a half ago BUT I have a great excuse for not updating! I GRADUATED. I promised photos and stories from Sr. Kathy's graduation and thus you shall have. I PROMISE I will update you with MY GRADUATION next.

YES! I was in OMAHA for Sr. Kathy Chuston's graduation from Creighton University's school of LAW! We are soooooooo proud of her. She's our sister--woo hoo! She's worked hard--yee hah! She's got her JD--yippee kiaheye! Here's the low down on our fun trip:

Friday night we started the festivities with a beautiful liturgy and then to the hooding we go. Let me tell was HOT outside and coordinating 17 School Sisters and relying on Creighton Shuttles was an adventure; that's a story and a half! Finally, I went and got our nun-van and created our very own SSSF shuttle service. I think my next calling may be to provide tours of the Creighton campus...just kidding.

Here's a picture of Sr. Kathy right after she's been hooded. Yep that's right...Sr. Kathy, in the hood! She looks soooooo good in that Doctor robe with the pretty purple lawyer stripes!

This is a picture of ALL of the rockin' SSSFs that came to celebrate and support our sister! Community is a great thing!

The next day (Saturday) was graduation day! Here's pensive looking Sr. Kathy. Really the inner monologue is saying "C'mon ... give me that diploma...c'mon!"

The ceremony was great. Bob Newhart was their speaker. Sr. Kathy won the award for loudest cheering section! We were so thrilled for her.

Now...of course in good School Sister fashion...we PARTY afterwards...oh yeah. BIG PARTY GIRLS we are! So Kathy had some of her professors, friends from Chi-town, and lots o' SSSFs and we partied it up.

But before we party we decorate...right? Right! And while decorating if someone challenges you to a balloon MUST respond right? Right! Well...I couldn't say no to Sr. Liz vs. Sr. Katy/ Provie vs. Novice in the Balloon Excitement. I'll let the photos speak for themeselves:

Sr. Liz immediately pops Sr. Katy's balloon. Sr. Katy uses those great basketball defensive skills to box out Sr. Liz. But NO! Sr. Liz quickly reacts and draws the balloon over Sr. Katy's head. Who will win this insanity? Just when Sr. Liz thought it was over, Sr. Katy comes back. They run around the table (everyone else--aka the audience--can't believe this is happening. Yes Sr. Liz looks strong...can she do it?

Can Sr. Katy recover? Will she do it? Will it be "youth" or "wisdom" who will come out victorious?

OH....SR. LIZ pulls a spin move and grabs Sr. Katy's balloon in the last second. Ahah! Provie wins this one...but both have agreed to a future rematch. Fun and laughter was had by all!

Yes...that's how we prepare for a party...or perhaps it will be the new trend!

Overall...Omaha was a WONDERFUL event. It was so great to go and support Kathy. She's worked so hard these three years and I was/am SOOO proud of her. Now we send her lots of prayers because she's studying very hard for her BAR exam. Good luck Sr. Lawyer Girl!

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johnnyr333 said...

Hi Sister Katy,

I am not writing in response to your great event even though it sounds great.
I'm a 65 year old slightly wild and crazy grandpa living in Southern California, and my big sister (Well, she's not really very big, but she is my older sister) turned me on to your blog.
She thought it might be fun to write to you, despite the fact that I'm kind of tired from playing tennis twice yesterday. I'm practicing for one of my goals in life which is to play tennis in my 80's God willing and he better be.
My big sister may have wanted me to mention that no one messes with her without answering to me. So when she becomes your roommate in the near future (and she will) please treat her nicely and try to understand that when she plays her Willie Nelson tapes, it doesn't mean that he's her alter ego, even if he is mine.


John Rice (Sr. Julie's li'l brother)