Tuesday, May 1, 2007

GREAT news!

I just received the official "YOU GO GIRL" from my provincials regarding making vows!

They have accepted my request to make vows...for THREE years! (That's the maximum amount of time you can request and that is what I asked for). I will meet with them in 2 weeks in person, but in the meantime...I'm sooooo thrilled!

Yay....I'm officially on the road to vow-age. Yipeee...yeehah...woot woot! (Think there's any energy streaming from my being? nah...not me) I'm uber excited...that's for sure.

Thanks for the great news, Provies!


Jenny KT said...

Way to go, Sr. Katy!
(What's up with the three years?)

Sister_Katy said...

Hey Jenny!
I read your blog today...very nice! Cute puppies!

I will post a nunspeak right now to answer your question!
It's a good one!

Sr. Maria Sally, SND said...

Congrats Sr. Katy! I've got to say I LOVE your energy and LOVE your blog! Being temporary professed is GREAT. I'm in my 3rd year of temp. profession with the Sisters of Notre Dame, and we are the same age...27. Just found your blog recently...LUV IT! :) God bless!!

Sister_Katy said...

Thanks Sr. Maria! I appreciate your comment. I am just so excited for this next step in my integration.

Do you participate in Giving Voice ever? I would encourage you to check it out if you haven't already!

Please keep visiting!
Peace and all good!

Joey K said...

Hi Sister Katy, Remember me. Joey Kovnesky from your first fourth grade class at St. Greg's. Congragulations on making your vows. You should come back to Gregs and be our principal. Sr. Marrianne is leaving after this year. Good Luck.

Sister_Katy said...

Hi Joey! Of course I remember you! How neat that you discovered my blog. I'm sure you all will get a marvelous principal! I will be a principal at Holy Trinity school in Kewauskum next year, but thanks for thinking of me.