Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi's the low's 2:13 in the morning. I sat at my computer to simply upload some photos to make a little video from my retreat. Well that was at 11:30 and then I got to playing and started making this video...and then got all excited that I could do cool things and just couldn't stop until it was finished. So I got it all purty and ready to upload and for some reason I lost all of my images...EEK! Well I'm too tired to fix it you'll have to keep your suspense mounting for a bit longer until I can fix the video.

And I PROMISE...promise promise promise...I will blog about some more of my incredible (IT WAS AWESOME) retreat and life in general very very soon (I'm hoping tomorrow but notice I'm sticking with "soon".)

Trust me this video is SOOO worth it though. Now...I MUST go to bed. I'm bushed.

Yay for retreat week! woo hoo...

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