Sunday, October 3, 2010

Transitus Joy

Some Transitus artwork and poetry to digest.  I'm trying to embrace and "complete" my joy these Franciscan feast days.  My "transitus" of spirit is giving me lots of reflection to say the least.  Perhaps I'm called to experience what losses happened at the loss of Francis.  True and perfect joy...not always what one wants to reflect on.  I carry my Franciscan tradition in my heart; that is joy enough.  Happy Feast Day!
Trasitus Joy  10/3/10

Transitus being.
Feast day carried in the heart.
Sister Joy hidden.

Francis welcomed dark.
Embraced joy within; around.
Joy will be complete.

Carry feast in my heart.
Marked with a Tau forever.
My God has called; JOY.

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em said...

That is gorgeous. :) And I'm lovin' the new blog name. Hope you had a great birthday party last weekend...wish I could have been there!!