Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Phoenix Girl

I've been able to get my work done at school this week and I haven't had many things on my calendar either.  Wahoo!  I've been feeling creative and having some pretty powerful images when I'm praying and dreaming.  Today I painted this which came from an image I had this morning while praying.  My image included heavy things "raining" down on the girl too, but I omitted those from the painting and focused on the rising from the flames.  Avoidance?  Most definitely...why would I want to ruin a great image with bricks and stuff raining down on her?  Nope..not this image. 

I like how she looks strong and powerful, she's open and solid.  She appears confident in her transformation.  She is who she is and that's all that matters.

I also wrote a Haiku (A 5-7-5 poem) that goes with her.  When I was away in DC, someone gave me the "assignment" to write a Haiku a day.  It was a really nice and focused way for me to get my thoughts and feelings together.  I write a lot of Haiku's now and most often with my art work.  I'll share my Haiku's periodically on my blog with ya'll.

Phoenix Girl rises
Flames transform her; open, strong.
She is who she is.

Phoenix Girl--9/21/10 KML
It was a good image and I think I'll pray with it the next few days and see what else comes up. 


sarah, rsm said...

and who she is is blessing!

Kelly_SSJ/A said...

purifying flames!! :) and cleansing rain!

Anonymous said...

It looks more like the Pheonix girl is receiving a blessing! I, for one, pray for that.

Joe in BFE