Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winter's Here

Winter is here!  Yesterday the high was 36 degrees!  I actually love winter.  Well...ask me at anytime of the year and I'll say I love that season.  I don't love winter in April that's for sure.  But this time of year, bring on the snow and the coolness.  There's something meditative about winter unlike other seasons.  I like getting bundled up, drinking hot drinks, fires in a fireplace, snow, etc.  It's a quiet season.  I was inspired to do some writing last night about the unofficial, but weather indicating switch of seasons.  Enjoy my latest Haiku series.

Slowing down season
Crisp, chill air of winter's bite.
Deep invitation?

Sun illuminates
Enfolding darkness around.
Living with balance.

Breath of life is seen,
upon God's chilly backdrop.
Bundled in God's love.

Beauty of stark trees surround
Blanket of snow, come.

Exterior chill
Go inside to find yourself.
Interior warmth.

1 comment:

sarah, rsm said...

Blessings for "interior warmth" all season long!