Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday Reflections

Well...It's the end of another great birthday....yay! It's so fun having a birthday on St. Pat's Day; everybody is celebrating! I had an absolutely fabulous day!

27 seems a little strange--I'm no longer "mid-twenties" folks! Although...I love being in my 20's, it's hard to get any sympathy around the convent when you turn another year older and you are still in your 20s (or 30s, 40s...)! Ha ha ha!

Last night, I was reflecting on this past year of my life and was "preparing" for the big day today. I reread my journals from the year and had some nice time being thankful and recalling all that happens in a year of life. 26 was a difficult year in many aspects for me; so there was a part of me ready to bury it and start the next phase. So on one level this is a relief to turn the page and have this blank, unwritten space before me. (Like that song, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingsfield...LOVE that song; LOVE IT)

On another level, there always are these "Am I where I thought I'd be?" at age ___ thoughts. Which is silly for me...I'm nowhere where I thought I'd be and exactly where I should be at the same time. I guess that's the hard part of being a planner-type's hard to let those past plans go even when you've rewritten the plan over and over again. So after I ruminated about where I've been, where I thought I'd be, and where I am...I had this great experience of I said I am exactly where I should be and that is a great thought to go into my 27th year of my life! Despite the challenges and the just down right icky things of this year; I am content and I am home. What a blessing to have such chaotic things swirling around and still be grounded in the most important decision--my COMMITMENT! I'm the big 2-7! And the anticipation of things to come this year are quite phenomenal!

  • I'm graduating with my master's degree in May! (WOO HOO!)
  • I have accepted my first Principalship (Yikes!)
  • I am going to make my 1st Vows (Yipeeee!)

I'm excited for what's to come and think that this will be a good year. It's always nice to reflect on where you were, what you learned along the way, how things have changed, and where you're going, but not without giving thanks for what IS. Thanks. Happy Day!

It's 12:01...perfect timing...birth-day over... welcome year 27!

Peace and All Good!


Janelle said...

I love you so much! I added your funnun blog to my favorites. Happy Birthday!

Sister_Katy said...

Thanks Janelle! I love you too! How's NYC? What's up with school plans? I miss you!

Elizabeth said...

"Fantabulous" Katy! This is an awesome blog! Happy Birthday!