Monday, March 12, 2007

Election Assembly

Ok...I'm kind of a big dork. I love Assembly time. I love governance, policy, process, discussions, open mic, "debating"'s all energzing for me.

Let me explain a little: So we have these PA's (Provincial, just the US, Assembly) 3 in a cycle and every 4 years an election. Depending on where we are in the cycle and whether or not it's an election year what our "topics" are. Because this was an election year, we spent the PA this summer developing direction and goals for what we are to expect of our next Provincial Leadership Team (or as I call them: The Provies) March 9-11...we finished our direction setting, heard from the nominess, had a discernment process, and voila...election, new team, bada bing!

I'm still a my role is "Voice Participant" in the assembly (until after August and I get vowed...then I can vote!!). Actually...this isn't too shabby at all. I am at the tables with the girls, I get to have "full voice" to all parts of the discussions and really...I am there to learn. It's great. I love being a part and welcomed to the tables. Usually, I get to cantor or dance or something with the prayer commitee too. It's great fun.

The best part is having so many of our Sisters together! We pray a little, work a little bit more, and even get some playing in there too! The room is filled with so many people and the sisters from the other parts of the US all come to Milwaukee for these big meetings. I get to hang out with some of the "younger peeps" too which is always a good time...some have described it as "dangerous"...I say that's a bunch of's fantastic if you ask me! Then we work, pray a bit more and of course....we CELEBRATE! YAHOOO. this past weekend's election...It was incredible! I've been to 3 PA's (Provincial Assembly), but this was my first election. The energy, the spirit, the WOW! We reelected our current team to serve another 4 year term, which is very cool.

Sisters Maureen McCarthy, Barbara Kraemer, and Liz Heese--

Our newly "re-elected" Provincial team; we love them!
So that's what's been happening in SSSF-land lately! Lots of good spirit action!

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