Monday, March 5, 2007

Hermitage Days--Ahhhhhhh

One of the greatest things about religious life is that when you are totally overwhelmed, need some space, have something to process or pray about, it is not only acceptable to take a day of "quiet and reflection", but most of the time it is affirmed and encouraged! In the Canonical novitiate year, we had one of these "quiet days" every week; they were called hermitage or desert days. In my case, taking this chunk of time when I know I need it would be one of those great things that are wonderfully referred to as "an area of growth" for me. (Remember the whole s-l-o-w-i-n-g d-o-w-n thing? See Nunspeak--Canonical novitiate)

So March 1st happened...seriously, I don't think I've ever done this in my life. I sat down mid-February and looked at my schedule and thought, "When am I going to get all of this finished?" Yep..panic time! Well...I had to carve out some good prayer and reflecting time for me to sit down and write my self-evaluation of the past two years of novitiate (one of my "steps" as I am beginning the vow process). So I Xed out, on my calendar, and entire day for prayer and reflection!

I had an absolutely wonderful day! I've had a lot going on lately to say the least (school wrapping up, some ministry stuff, new job, starting the road to vowage...etc), and although I haven't really taken time to process all of this fully, I spent the whole day writing and really reflecting upon where I was when I began the novitiate, where I am today, and where I'd like to go as I make a vowed commitment with our congregation. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, and then when I needed a break I put some music on my mp3 player and danced around the room for a bit! was so rejuvenating to just have some time to think and be with the Spirit and hear again why I said "yes" to religious life and why my "yes" continues.

Exhausted with all of the other craziness happening right now? Yes I am, but it was really cool for me to just take time to focus on religious life, my commitment and understand how I've grown and what I can focus on in the next step.

WOO HOO...Go praying...go reflecting! Oh yeah!

And to add a little funny aside....because I'm me and as one of my Sisters once said, "your extrovertedness is quite noticeable"...

You have a day like that...all quiet and in your head, and's like the next logical movement is to want to burst through the door because you are flying high and tell EVERYTHING about it. I had to restrain myself a little, but I did get to share the day with some of my peeps. That was lovely too.

Over and out...ya'll. Peace out...rock on!

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