Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hello from BOSTON!

I am here assisting in the preparation for the National Conference of Giving Voice--the Voices of the Younger Religious. I arrived on Monday, the planning crew arrived today and we are getting ready for 70 more religious women under 50 to join our voices in the present reality and future of relgious life. It is a time of prayer, community, discussion, and of course fun.

Now...what happens when 10 young, vibrant, fun women religious get together on a HOT HOT HOT evening in Boston? Why...they pick an "alter ego" represented by a finger puppet and go a little crazy. I'll let the pictures tell the story...

You see...when different animals from different parts of the world get together...sometimes there is a great need for conflict resolution. Here "Matilde Moose" (me), who is trained in "I statements and feeling talk" is helping Pandora the Panda (Sr. Nancy, IHM) and Fran the Frog (Sr. Leslie, CDP) mediate their troubles and communicate how they really feel.

The hysterical part is....that's really what was happening in between heaves of laughter. What we learn in Initial formation...and how we apply it to our real lives...hmmm......"I statements" "Active listening" and "Feeling words"'s true...this is what we do for fun. HA!

After a successful round of mediation, all of our little alter ego puppets gather for a group hug. special.

There always is an elephant in the our case it's Eucaria the Elephant (Sr. Kristin, SNDdeN)...she was giving us our dinner options for the evening...yes...using her puppet.

Last but not least...the monkey (Sr. Lisa, RSCJ) and the moose realize that they can be good pals. Isn't that sweet? We also have a Parrot (Sr. Carolina, OSF), Mother Duck (Sr. Maria, OSU), a Lion (Sr. Marianne, CSJ), a giraffe (Sr. Jeannie, OSU) and shoot..I can't remember the other animal...I'll give her a special place tomorrow! SORRY!

So...that's the update for now. I have access to my camera and a computer (obviously) so I will try to have some updates during the conference for you all.

On more serious note...puppets's just such a wonderful opportunity to get your religious life batteries charged every now and again. There are so many ways we get to do this...retreat, assemblies, conferences. Giving Voice is huge for me. It's a time and space to gather with people who have passion and commitment around the similar things. We are people who believe in the presence and the future of religious life. We are there to support one another on this unique journey...when at times it's difficult to find "peer support". I'm so grateful to be here and have a space to with finger puppets, but mostly to share life with incredible women who have a call and commitment which I too am passionate about. My head is already spinning with some of the conversations...and I know more and more will unfold as our time together will continue!

More manana...Adios!!!

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