Saturday, June 23, 2007


On Tuesday our house SURPRISED (that's right folks...we really got her too) Sr.Arlene with a special Jubilee dinner! Arlene thought we were having community night...well we were, but not as she thought! :-) 50 years of Religious life we celebrated...such a commitment; we're happy to celebrate with you Sr. Arlene
We took her to Benihana's restaurant for Japanese Hibachi style eats. We had a lot of fun. Those of you who are unfamiliar...they cook the meal right in front of you at your own little grill. They do cool flips and rhythms and such with their utensils and the food. At one point the chef takes the shrimp tales and flips them into his cap and spins around to catch it. It's definitely an interactive experience.
Well...not to be outdone...the next night Srs. Josefina and Rosie cooked us a fantastic authentic Mexican meal. mmmm....yum! yum! So I started recreating our Benihana experience with the salt and pepper shaker when one of the Sisters challenged me to see if I could indeed flip a piece of pineapple into my mouth! could I not respond to the challenge???? That's right...I did and have the pictures to prove it!
Welcome to Katyhana's......

And I'm off....pineapple perfectly balanced on my fork. Concentrate! Concentrate! And the flip...

Nice flip; excellent trajectory...toward the ceiling...there is a yellow streak which is indeed pineapple in flight. Look at my form, such grace! Wow!

Oooh and the catch is clean! Pineapple in the mouth. Perfect!

And finally on the dismount...we have pineapple, nice pose, and a smirk for our judges. Well done! Brava, bravo! You may have a calling in Hibachi style cooking. Hmmmm...I wonder if we should budget for a Hibachi grill...just kidding.
One could surmise that fun was had by all...especially me...go figure! Hey...I didn't get "one fun nun" as a nickname for nothing! C'mon!
Tomorrow is a busy day too. We are going to celebrate Sr. Beth's 25 year jubilee! I am singing at her la la la la. I love jubilee time. It's great to celebrate these commitments and LIFE with my sisters.
That's all I got for now folks. Ciao ciao...bambina/os!


Anonymous said...

You are one funny nun, but hey those were great photos. I think you must have a sports photographer
there-what timing!

Kelly_SSJ/A said...

I love the antics!!!! :) such style...such other pineapple thrower could compare!

Anonymous said...

What fun! What a great morning discovery: a new and vibrant blogging nun! :)