Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One Fun Bridesmaid!

This past weekend I went to Raleigh, North Carolina to be a bridesmaid in my friend Lauren's wedding! Lauren and I have been friends since we were 6. Our backyards connected...she and I had walkie talkies that we'd talk to each other under our covers when we were supposed to be sleeping. She has a sister Jamie Lee who is my sister Molly's age. We were all inseparable. It was always Katy and Lauren and Jamie (Lee) and Molly. We were in and out of each others houses. The Ruprights moved when Lauren and I were in middle school...but Lauren and I have kept our friendship goin'... I love those kinds of friends!

Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner at the church. It was a nice, mellow celebration. I got to see a lot of the Rupright family that I haven't seen in a while which was nice. I met some of Lauren and Jamie (the husband)'s friends from the church...they were great. Such hospitable people!

Here are some of the highlights (please excuse the photography...my sister whom I love dearly...took the wedding pictures!)

Here Lauren and I are getting pedicures...oooh la la. And here is a picture of Jamie Lee being goofy; oh wait that's her normal look. Ha ha! Jamie Lee made us bridesmaids these tank tops that said: BRIDESMAID and on the back they had our names. Nice! The weather was hot, hot and humid...but not a cloud in the sky!

After our pedicures...we went back to Lauren's place for lunch, hair, makeup, and DANCING...that's right folks...mostly we got our groove on. GREAT MUSIC, I must say...all of those hits from the 80s and 90s...that we all know and love.

Then we were "Goin' to the chapel (church) so Lauren can get ma-a-a-ried" Lauren's husband, Jamie is one of the pastors at New Horizon Church. It was a big place with lots of land. Yes there are now two Jamie's! Hence the Jamie (Lee) distinction.

Finally...it was showtime...here are some of the wedding pictures that turned out (Love you Molly!)
That's me getting ready to walk down the aisle. Our dresses (and wedding color scheme) were brown and blue. We had Calla lilies in a very simple bouquet...they were gorgeous.

To the right you'll see Lauren and Ken (her dad) walking down the aisle. Lauren's dress was absolutely stunning. Jamie (Lee), sister/hairstylist extraordinaire, did Lauren's hair.

Here's a shot of the bridal party. Jamie Lee was the maid-of-honor, and the rest of us were all friends from various times of Lauren's life. We had a blast at the reception dancing, dancing, dancing!
You may kiss the bride! Wooo hooo!

Here's me right after the wedding. This is the face that says, "Get me out of these heels and onto the dance floor!'
Here's a lovely picture of Jamie Lee, Molly, and me. Jamie and Molly are the same person...I'm telling you...it's scary how similar they are.
It was so great to see my sister too! She lives in NC and came down with her boyfriend, Bennett (picture below) for the wedding. We got to hang the next day before I came home on Monday!

To the happy couple, Lauren and Jamie--Many congratulations and blessings. It was great being a part of your special day. I wish you many blessings! I love you forever!
To Kristy, Ken, Jamie (and the rest of my surrogate family)--Thanks for such a wonderful day and evening. Everything was fantastic. It was so nice spending time with you all!
To Kelly, Michelle, Tamika, Dougie and the rest of you that I met from NHC--it was so wonderful to meet you!
And to my fellow bridesmaids...what a blast; it was great to meet you/see some of you again. I had so much fun being with you all. Heather...my long lost twin...you are out-of-control...but I loved every minute of it!
Yay for being One Fun Bridesmaid!
Now it's slap, back to reality...ugh.


Mimi said...

What a beautiful dress that the bride is wearing!

Anonymous said...

Kate the Great! My best pal, I love ya! What a special day it was, and it was made that much more special with you as my bridesmaid! It was so GREAT to see you an hang out. I love that we can always pick right up where we left off, no matter how much time passes. Love ya forever! See ya in August!

Jamie Lee Rupright said...

I know who my favorite sister is..... ( besides Lauren) I loved the pics and your blog. You are one of the funniest people i know. It was so great seeing you and hanging out at the wedding and after. Thank so much for being apart of Lauren and Jamie's day. I know it really meant alot to Lauren to have you there. It was nice being reunited with you and Molly. (my twin) I hope we can all see each other soon. Oh by the way, don't forget to tell your bowling coach that i beat you in bowling!! I bet your forget about that! hahaha! Love you katy, say hi the jill and ellie. Oh also if you have any pics from the wedding can you email them to me? That would be awesome.

Dougie said...

Katy! You rock! It was so great to finally meet you and you are soooo much fun. I hope that nest time you are NC, you will come by and see me. I will be checking out your blog for the Katy update. Also you have inspired me to start my own blog. It is still in the new stages but check it out and leave me some loving. http://dougbug.blog.com/

Heather said...


It had been too long since I last saw you - when we were seperated at birth oh wait I can't forget the Christmas celebration...its beginning to come to me. If ever you get a chance to visit either of the Carolina's again please look me up so I can get my sister fix.