Monday, September 10, 2007

1st Week and beyond...

We survived our first week of school! My faculty, staff, and students were fantastic. It just flew by. I was able to go into each classroom and greet the kids. I talked about "Sister Katy's 1 rule" RESPECT! Then we did a blessing of students, the kiddos blessed their teachers, and we all blessed our families. It was a neat day! The days are crazy; I never know what's going to happen, but I on the flip side, I like the adventure!

We have such a great group of kids at Holy Trinity. My favorite thing to do is to greet them at the door in the morning. The previous principal, June...always had them say "Thank You" when they left school. It's a nice custom and overall the kids are very conscientious about manners.

I am exhausted like I've never been before...but it's good tiredness. It's the "I've given everything I have" to this group of people fatigue. I love my job and I think it's going well.

This week...our first full week! I have LOTS of meetings this week. Every evening I have a meeting, some are Holy Trinity related, but most are community related. I'll probably crash this weekend.

That's the Principal land living group went away this past weekend and I'll update on that experience in a separate post!

Ciao, ciao Bambinos!


Anonymous said...

I swear I saw your twin on my flight from Detroit to Baltimore last night. I kept staring at her, half tempted to go ask her if she was "Sr. Katy," or if she was related to you. But I resisted and spared us both an awkward moment, probably.

Anyway, I thought of you last night and wondered how things were going. Glad to hear you're a good kind of exhausted! :)

Rev. Linda Barkwill said...

Katy, I'm excited about the work you are doing with the children. Starting a new term is exhilarating and exhausting - all at once! May God be with you and bless you and your school community.