Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quick Update and a Request!

Hi ya'll....

Two in one my...aren't you all lucky!

Here's the update:
I've had this icky cold the past couple days and today was the first day in a long time (even pre-cold) that I came home with energy! The sun was was great...I went for a nice walk, which I haven't done since Labor Day weekend! That's pathetic...I love walking what's my problem? Anyway...then landed at Sr. Toni and Sr. Charlita's house to visit. Toni and I played cribbage (she won both, but she trys to steal points...and I won the rule argument. I called Sr. Mary the cribbage guru and indeed she affirmed my right-ness; I digress...). Now I'm home trying to finish my newsletter and feeling a bit uninspired at the moment. Will have to finish tomorrow.

Here's the context for the request:
I'm a big dork...I've watched my vow video a couple times (these past couple weeks). It's neat because something sticks out differently each time. I watch the "highlights" of course...and I've listened to Sr. Mary Ann's homily a few times. Each time I hear it a little differently; she was THAT GOOD, and a different message emerges. It's neat to see all the people who were there. I get that same beaming, excited, sparkly, YES THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER experience when I watch it. It's happy and I'm happy and content with my life! It's a nice mediation to pray with. It's great to have this video memory; what a gift.

Which brings me to my request...
I can post video on my blog, but not quite sure how. We are getting a clip edited in a .wmd file from the company that did the videography, but I was also thinking I could get some of this puppy on my blog from the DVD...does anyone know how to do that??? Leave me a comment...awards and e-prizes of e-affirmation will be yours!

Now..I have to get ready for my evening routine...I love my job...I HATE 5a.m.


Anonymous said...

wow. that's really cool. who called u 1 fun nun? that must be an amazing class. you should go and see them sometime. make a suprise visit.

Hofamyams said...

you can do it ghetto style: if you have a digital camera just video the tv and then you can upload it on you tube. otherwise you need some sort of video capture software which gets really complicated :)

Jody Balzer said...

Hello Katy,
I just saw your blog and think it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with the world. If you want to upload video you will first have to convert your wmd file to an mpeg file. You can use windows movie maker (comes with xp and vista) and save the video for the web. It will be easy to see once you start playing with it. Too bad you don't teach at MATC you could take my professional development course on how to do things like this. After you have this converted you need to download Googles video uploader or if you have it already you need to upload it and follow the directions for it. It is that simple though you have to link it but if you do a search on how to do this part you will find tons of instructions. Hope all is well with you and that this helps.
Jody Balzer