Sunday, September 23, 2007


3-0, top of the division, Bret has tied the record for TD passes, we beat the highly favored SD Chargers...and I WAS THERE! WOOO HOOOOOO!

My mom's boyfriend, Rick has tickets to 4 games each year and I'm always teasing him that he should take me instead of my mom because I LOVE football and my mom thinks going to Lambeau is better people watching. So Friday night, I said, "c'mon please...take me!" and jokingly he said, "Well if someone're our #1 backup!" Saturday morning Rick called! WOOO HOOO.....

Yes we were lucky recipients of the PROUD 2B LOUD towels too!
The worst part was having to be at the park n ride at 7:15 this morning (ugh)...but it was so worth it. They played a fantastic game. It was truly one of the most exciting games of football I have ever seen and to be RIGHT THERE was awesome. Lambeau is crazy...crazy fans...and when the PACK do something great...everyone is your new best friend. It was totally exhilarating.
Now...I'm kaput..

Have a great week ya'll! GO PACK GO!

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Anonymous said...

So THAT explains why it sounded like the apocalypse when I called you on your cellphone yesterday...

-Sarah :)