Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Peace of God

UPDATE! I DID IT! I DID IT! It's not embedded, but I found a hosting just click on the link below where I give the song title and you can get the music!

So I've been spending the last few minutes (ok like 90) trying to figure out how to add an audio clip to my blog! Grumble grumble...I can't find a hosting site that gives me a Blogger friendly HTML code. HELP...blogger can I get my audio file embedded into a post? Know any good hosting sites? Know HTML well enough to help me fudge it? Jody...are you out there? You are the computer Yoda from my past.... :-)

Here's the text that goes with my song...I'll try and get the song soon!

Music is one of my outlets; whether I'm listening to it or singing--it's away for me to get outside of my head. I've had some pretty profound "God moments" on retreat, on my walks, or sitting in my room with saying to God " me know what to do here..." and then a song will come on and it's like WOAH...hellllll-oooo. Ok..gotcha God.

I had one of those moments during Lent. I was in a icky yuck yuck space and I prayed the night before trying to find a way to understand it. The next morning on my pray-as-you-go track, this song came on and it just got inside of me. It was beautiful and the lyrics were amazing. It was everything I couldn't say or figure out at the time and I swear it was God singing to me (what a beautiful voice she had too!). I think I listened to it 100 times in the next three days. I even brought the song to my spiritual direction and played it saying, "Here...this is where I'm at and what I'm thinking and feeling." (And in the back of my mind I thought WOO HOO...I don't have to say it; I'll let her sing it...even better!)

I have a Zune mp3 player (which I love by the way) and this song came up the other day when I was praying and had the Zune set on Random.

Peace of God by David Haas

The lyrics really tapped into me. Again, it was like "Katy argues with God again...and God wins...again." I had just said, "What do I NEED to get THROUGH this? GRRRRR AHHHHH GRRRRR **growl growl**" And then this song comes on and I think....oh superb. The God of the Zune does it again.

**Sidebar story--Related to "Katy Argues with God...again"***
I had some photos taken because MKE magazine is going to do an article on me. They wanted to know where my favorite place to pray is, so I told them smack dab in the middle of Sr. Marie's Director podium square block thingy in the choir loft of our chapel. It's my absolute favorite place (well...that's a favorite place is at the ocean, but that wasn't an option and neither was the lake that it's 3rd, but I still love it.) to sit and think and journal and stuff.

So I brought my journal and the photographer, (Maria Huebner)she got this hilarious shot of me talking to her friend Keith and I was joking about something with him. When she sent it to me I had to journal is open and seriously I thought...oh great a picture of me arguing with God. How perfect. (yep...that's me! Woo hoo!) BTW...Maria rocked! She was so much fun to be with and a very super duper talented photographer.

**Side bar story---over** **Continuing original train of thought**

For me the line that seems very present to me right now is, "Stay with all that you have learned..." reaction was *ugh* and then *duh* and then back to *ugh* that's usually a pay attention indicator. Sheesh...I tell ya.

So, I've incorporated THIS song into my life these days. I listen to it on my way to work and coming home from work. And then I try to BREATHE (2, 3, 4...right SMAM?) and keep plugging along on this crazy journey.

May the peace of God be with you too!


em said...

That is a great photo :)

I know there are some places where you can add a playlist to your blog that plays automatically when you start it up, but I have no idea how or where. Glad you found something that worked! :)

Heather said...

I am pretty sure that song was sung at my university graduation last year! Very fitting, as our motto was "Whatsoever things are true"..

It's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

is this sr katy???


John said...

I'll host your file for you and show you how to embed it if you want


Anonymous said...

Wow I am so glad I found this blog! I am a 21 year old college student discerning a vocation to religious life and I find your blog truly down to earth, fun, and at the same time inspiring, haha! Cool nun indeed.


Kelly_SSJ/A said...

thanks for the song!!! It definetly has been speaking to me too. I love David Haas, Marty Haugen, et al.