Saturday, May 10, 2008

MKE Article

MKE, a free weekly newspaper in Mil-town, did an article about me and it was published this week!

Amid all of the coolness there were three notably cool things about this:

1. The reporter reads my blog and that's how she heard about me.

The blog mission is WORKING! Oh yes...I have a mission for this blog (Of course I do...I'm me and I'm one of these goal-y, mission-y people.) and apparently it's successful. WOO HOO!

2. Her questions were really good and appropriate for a 20-30 something audience

Like she REALLY wanted to know about what it's like to be a Sister and how in the heck that works for someone like me. My favorite part was when she said, "My friends and I read your blog and it makes me want to join." C'mon...let's go! You know I invited her to consider the possibility! I don't know that many 20-30 somethings have come into much contact with Religious women in the grand scheme of things.

3. It's not a ME thing, it's a WE thing; I get to talk about the School Sisters and spread the news of how wonderful WE ARE.

That's what I'm most passionate about...religious life and my community. Anyone wants to sit and talk to me about that...great...I could talk all day. Why would I do this with my life? WHY WOULDN'T I? I couldn't imagine living any other way. My community? Well...yes the title of this blog is Religious Life Rocks, but underneath that is the School Sisters who really really ROCK. Giving access to people that wouldn't necessarily have come into contact with our mission and our life together is pretty neat.

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em said...

That is a great article. :) They did ask excellent questions! Hope you are enjoying the last weeks of school!


lammyleap said...

I now have your site on my favs list. I am a member of St. John's Cathedral Parish and look forward to seeing your future posts.

I would like to point out that you do not seem to be a sister cut from the "traditional role". How do you feel about that and do you ever get called out for not wearing the habit???

Sister_Katy said...

Hi Lammyleap-
I'm happy to hear you enjoy my blogging!

As far as your question...I believe religious life and being a sister is an expression of your vocation of how God wants us to live to the best of who we can be. That is an internal call and committment.

Although some religious orders wear habits and some do not; their vocation is not in the exterior symbols; it's what's on the interior that's important.

Michelle Monkou said...

Love your blog.

When I was in Guyana, as a child attending Stella Maris school, I had a ballet teacher who was a nun. She'd be bare feet in her habit, leaping through the air. Your spirit reminds me of Sister Mary Coska (spelled phonetically). I'm now 42 and she's vividly imprinted in my mind and heart.

Way to go. Many blessings.


Kelly_SSJ/A said...

Thank you for sharing the article and of yourself. HOpe you are well.