Monday, May 19, 2008

Jubilee! (And other said Frivolities)

Still in Boston...and having a marvelous time!

Jubilee! Jubilee! One of my Sisters has a brother who says that us Religious have "code words" for Retreat = Vacation and Jubilee = Party! I would like to advocate that we don't have code words which replace vacation and party...just more opportunities!

Jubilee is a celebration of milestone anniversaries in Religious Life. And the Jubilarians get a whole year to celebrate! In our community the different regions have a jubee celebration (like Chicago and Alverno are two of my favorites) and then in June we have the big community Hoohah where we celebrate all of the jubilarians. And then sometimes the Jubee's will have their own hoohah at their ministry and/or home parishes.

Giving Voice is of course the group of young women Religious and our foundress (ha ha) is Kristin who is a Notre Dame de Namur. Kristin is a woman of incredible passion and vision for religious life. She inspires me! I was so happy to be able to be here in Boston with some of our other GV peeps to celebrate her 25 years (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT FOLKS) of commitment to religious life.

Here she is right before her liturgy...can we say HAPPY?!!! YAY! KRISTIN WE LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday Lisa and I picked up some more Giving Voice folk from various airports and headed toward Lawrence, Massachusetts where Kristin is a teacher and campus minister at Notre Dame High School.

Lisa and I were responsible for coordinating the music for the event! Yay! Lisa is an extremely talented singer, guitarist, and drummer...I love singing with her. So Lisa and I practiced a bit and the others chatted until the Liturgy began!

Moose forgot to get in the car, so we had to leave her at home. Monkey was fortunately able to join us (and good thing too...we needed some extra guitar and percussion assistance!)

The liturgy was beautiful...simple and very Kristin. I have some video and pictures of the event (No too many because I was a signing most of the time). Here's the GV people...Maria (OSU), Katherine (SND), and Jeannie (you can't really see her) (OSU) next to her. YAY OUR GV PEOPLE!

Kristin gave the homily and it was really wonderful. It was about love and relationships (if you follow my blog, do you see a theme? Welcome to religious life and relationships are at the core.) Here's an excerpt of her homily (Sorry it's sideways...don't know how to flip it.)

Here's Kristin renewing her vows (just tilt your'll be just like you were there!):

Maria wrote beautiful intercessions and really touched on the spirit and needs of the world. They were powerful and inclusive. She invited everyone to share blessings and prayers for Kristin which were also lovely because you got a sense of the impact and spirit of Kristin and how she has entered into other's lives.

After the liturgy we shared a nice meal and some good conversation. And yes...Kristin is still smiling! Happy Jubilee Kristin!

After the clean-up we went to Kristin's house to hang out for a while. I ended up teaching them some Comedy Sportz games which became a theme for our conversation and meeting the next day. After a deeply profound conversation of hidden talents, Katherine (Last name is withheld to protect the innocent) decided to share with us one of her talents:
To say that we were impressed, just wouldn't do her justice. Fun and good camaraderie was had by all.


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Sound like a great & joyful day! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Yes, thank you for sharing. The details make the experience come alive almost as if I'd been there in person. Congratulations, Kristin! It's hard to believe that she is a silver jubilarian...