Wednesday, May 14, 2008

REUNITED...and it feels so good!

I am proud that I used that wonderful song from the 80's as my blog title! However, I am not hosting and providing a link. :-)

Greetings from BOSTON! WOOO HOOO! It's Thursday night and I just got here. Lisa (RSCJ) and me (SSSF..duh) are just chillin' tonight. I am here in Boston for a little R and R, celebrating my good GV friend Kristin's (she's SNDdeN) jubilee, and a Giving Voice meeting.
For those of you who have been faithful One Fun Nun blog-ettes, you will remember last June I was here in Boston for the National GV conference. Thanks to Katherine Feeley (an SND), we were provided with alter-egos in the form of finger puppets. For those of you who have short-term memory loss and/or need a refresher or would like to be introduced to our alter-ego puppets please see the Giving Voice Day 1/2 post.

Here's the picture from July 2007! Moose and Monkey (Katy and Lisa) (Sheesh...I had
Tomorrow Moose and Monkey are going on a Boston adventure and I'm sure Moose will want to blog all about it!
Until tomorrow...pleasant dreams! Reunited...and it feels so gooood!

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