Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Disturbance in the Force

I have a slight reputation in my community for the hour of night (day) which I go to sleep. I'm a night person...c'mon. Just say NO to mornings, is my mantra. When I first moved into the convent, our living group had crazy schedules; so we tried very hard to eat dinner with one another. These Sisters were more of the "morning-type" people and would go to bed quite early, at least by my standards. So if I ever wanted to hang out with friends or go to a movie or chill...I would start my evening at 9pm--it was the perfect solution--community time and friend time! I would say to Sr. Kate (who'd be up still), "Ok, Kate...I'm going to the movies" or whatever I was doing and she'd gasp and reply, "NOWWWWW????". It was hilarious. So that's our little joke. I'm still usually the last one in at night and it's not unusual for my sisters to be upstairs when I get home...until one dark and stormy night....

Sr. Mary Ann and I went out for supper and returned home early at the hour of about 10:15pm. The house was dark downstairs and we thought...ha! They're all in bed. So we were just innocently chatting in the living room...when suddenly the door opened! We both looked at each other and said, "WHO IS THAT?" IT WAS SR. PHYLLIS! Those rascals were at the Brewer's game AND to make this episode of the twilight zone even more intriguing...they agreed to have ice cream if they WON...ICE CREAM...AT THIS HOUR?? See I have evidence...Sr. Phyllis and Sr. Joan! Craziness!

A few minutes later...the DOOR OPENS AGAIN! We all looked at each other and said, "NOW WHO"...oh don't be fooled by this "Sr. Katy stays up so late" nonsense...the truth indeed emerges. The second culprit...SR. BETH! Look at that face...and people think I'm up to no good! HAH! Sr. Beth was ushering at a play that night..or was she? :-)

We had a good laugh and I promised them this "disturbance in the force" would be documented in my blog...

Moral of the story folks...It's you know where your Sisters are?

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Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! So true!! When you live at the motherhouse, like I did for a while, you start seeing sisters shuffling around in slippers and robes pretty much right after dinner!