Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Return of the "A" word: Holy Week--and beyond.

Back by popular demand...for all of my fans out there who have been waiting at the edge of your seats for my next sincere apologies! I do have a quasi excuse...I was sick all last week, so my posting would have been highly boring and a downer...and who wants to read that from this "fun nun"? Not me! So I'm back; healthy and postable again!

SO! The return of the "A" Word...just a quick story...ya know no Alleluias in Lent. Well when you are a teacher, if you let one slip...the kids remind you with these gasps and looks of horror like you said the worst word Happy EASTER and the return of the "A" WORD!

Holy Week! I love these days...this is funny. I say to people, "Ya know..growing up, we weren't a 'Triduum Family'" In fact...I didn't even realize that people went to church for those days until I had my first convent immersion! I stayed with some of our sisters as a freshman in college because my family all hightailed it to Florida and left poor, studying me home in Wisconsin! So naturally, someone who has no interest at all in religious life, no way Jose, would opt to stay in a convent! (ha! Doesn't God have a wonderful sense of humor?) So I learned that nuns (and other people too!) go to church on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...and these nuns even listened to church on the radio Sunday morning (that I HAD to comment on; it's one of the things we still laugh about!)! And I've been a Triduum girl ever since!

Now seriously speaking...I love these services. Holy Thursday is my favorite...people are in church because they want to be there for one thing. The other thing I just LOVE is the symbolism of the feet washing. It's really a beautiful scripture and ritual that we do. One year, I had my feet washed (at the school I taught); it was powerful; very humbling. I often think about that experience; I even wrote a poem about it!

Good Friday, I head to Chicago to go on the Good Friday walk for Social Justice; sponsored by the 8th Day Center for Justice. It's a beautifully, moving experience. We gather in 5 or 6 public plazas around downtown and each "station" connects to a station of the cross AND an issue of social justice. We pray, learn about the social Justice issue, and then walk to the next station. I think it's a powerful witness and brings a real, modern meaning to how we can remember Jesus' walk and passion in our lives today. This year it was C-O-L-D...really really really cold. I brought my camera to take pictures for my blog posting, but I was too cold to take it out. I did get a picture of Sr. Mary Ann and me on the "el" coming home. Awwww...aren't we cute? That is the "I just had hot coca/coffee and now I'm inside on the warm train..thank GOD" look.

The walk was good...I love spending Good Friday this way; hold meaning and fits with my spirituality practices.

Holy Saturday I spend with my "Saturday Night Group" (whom I will be featuring in this blog soon). We had a delicious meal together and then go to our Parish, St. Romans, have a lovely liturgy, and then home.

Easter Sunday...My wonderful grandparents came to Mass at our Mama Casa. Then the family went for a fantastic brunch. It was great being with the crew and having good food and good conversation.

NOW...I am celebrating one of the many blessings of the teaching profession: Easter Vacation! YEEE HAH!
I spent three days of vacation in Chicago with Sisters Mary Ann and Jeanne. We had a very nice time. I love being with them. You know the type of people that you can just "be" with? You can always be yourself, no matter what space you may be in. You can have times of deep intense discussing/reflecting or playing cards until doesn't really matter because it's just a good time to be with them...ya know those kinds of people? That's my "Chicago Group"--Mary Ann and Jeanne...I love spending time with them. This little mini-vacation was quite nice; relaxing, a little bit of cards, little bit of good chatting, little bit of walking, little bit of mellow down time--the best CHICAGO PIZZA EVER...perfect! Gotta love down time with some of your favorite people!

Tuesday I even hopped the "el" (I LOVE taking the's so much fun!) and met my good buddy Parker who is an OFM brother. We met when he was a postulant and I an affiliate (they mean the same thing) at the intercommunity program. We had PIZZA (Do you see a theme here?) and a wonderful chat. It's so good to get together with your religious life can hash out the JOYS of formation and community life...I always get "recharged" knowing that my peers are rootin' for me and letting them know that I support them too. I love Parker...he's just a good guy and I had a lot of fun with him. It's great to stay connected!

Ok...tomorrow I'm going on RETREAT...that's nunspeak for "Vacation....with GOD". I'm sure I'll have loads to post about after that experience. I'm so looking forward to it. I NEED some space and time...I have that "overflow" experience happening. Lookin' forward to some good processin' and time for some spirit action.

Stay tuned...for the retreat report in a few short days....woo hoo!

Peace out y'all...ALLELUIA!

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