Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Oh yeah...this fun nun has hit the paper!

It is such a wonderfully written article...Way to go Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and thank you to Karen Herzog...for your great story.

What fun! Enjoy the story...blogging, cooking, what's next??? Who knows?

I am so super, awesomely incredible 7th graders just posted a comment on my blog! That means they discovered it. I didn't get to see them today because they were on a field trip and I don't see them I can't wait for Friday to see what they think! They are such a great group of kids...I'm so blessed to have them as students. I can't tell you how much they've taught ME this year!

Okie dokie...time to go celebrate Sr. Phyllis. It's her birthday and we're going for Thai! mmmm....Thai food...and no, I'm not cooking today!

Ciao for now...


ChipRN said...


When did you learn to cook??? Didn't you always burn toast? Just kidding. I saw the article and just wanted to let you know that I am proud of you. Hope all is well.

Sister_Katy said...

Hey Chip! Cool that you posted! Me? I believe it was I who cooked YOU dinner...Mister! Did you have your baby yet? E-mail me some time! Thanks for the nice note Chipper.

Hailey said...

lol!! my mom just came home with your article. i laughed sooo hard!!!

you schould come over sometime soo so we can play loded questions again!!

see ya !


Hailey said...

I just saw your article.. lol my mom just came home and showed it my dad and myself. I was laughing sooo hard!


you got to comeover sometime soon and play loaded questions again!!!

See ya!


Cheesehead Forever said...

Mom just emailed the article to me. I loved reading it and I'm still wishing that could have had you as my seventh grade teacher! (No offense to Sister Kathleen and Sister Lucretia, but they weren't as cool as you) Would have been a little hard since I was babysitting you at the time. I will have to catch up reading your blog during all of my freetime (dripping with sarcasm since I have 2 little kids) Keep up the good work! Mary (Kelly) Hetland

Sister_Katy said...

MARY KELLY! WOOO HOO....IT's SO GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU! C'mon Sr. Lucretia was EVERYONE's can't fool me. *shudder* Yes...would have been quite interesting to teach my babysitter 7th grade--it would have made the whole "time to go to bed" routine difficult. My response could have been "Oh your report card, lady!" :-)

Way cool...Mary...hmmm...I think I'll try to get a hold of your mom to get your phone number. I'd love to catch up!

Good luck with those 2 little kids!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome article Katy!
I am loving your blog!

musikdirektor said...

Sooo! It seems we will have a tremendous new cook and spunky, vibarant,fresh new pricipal in the Kettle Moraine. I think we will need to do a cook off 'cause I myself am a good cook too. Whatever we cook, we can sample, giving the rest (in sealed bags, freezer type) to our boss. Father doesn't cook. See you Saturday night at Liturgy! Your friendly Director of Music & Liturgy!

Sister_Katy said...
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musikdirektor said...

It was good to see you. Okay - no plastic freezer bags. We can work on presentation. I think we should have enough for the boss to warm-up afterward. Once you get settled in, I hope you will consider cantoring at 5:30 or 9:00 (or joining the choir).