Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthday Post (better late than never)

Well, I'm now 31!  Definitely not as traumatic as last year's big 3-0.  I actually quite enjoyed this birthday; had some nice gathering with friends and happy days. 

I found this website: Wordle to use with the kids.  I did a great Faith Sharing activity with them using these "wordles" and they turned out so nice; profound actually.  I took the day off yesterday to have a "me day"; spent it with some nice reflective and arty-time.  I reread my journals from the past year and picked out some words to describe this past year of my life. It was probably the most turbulent, transition and grief-filled year of my life; however, it has probably been the most growth producing as well.  Enjoy my artistic interpretation of my 30th year of life!
Wordle: The 30th Year

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sarah, rsm said...

in a word ... "perspicacious"