Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Journey has Begun...

I needed to gather a few tools for this project. 
My first step to this new process was creating my art journal. 

I collaged and used watercolor crayon for the cover.  I am in LOVE with watercolor crayon.  They are fun to use and have such vibrant colors.  It's like, "Hey I can paint, but ha! It's really a crayon!"

The author of this book does a lot of self portrait I gave it a whirl the other day.  I made them with a blue tone on my camera and printed a couple off for the first page in my art journal.  The quotation on the left says, "The feeling remains that God is on the journey too."--St. Teresa of Avila

Personally...I like the shoes the best. 

Finally...these are my feet getting ready to take the first steps! (The book does a lot of feet photographing, which I actually think is a kinda cool perspective.)    

So...we're off!  I'm pretty sure a lot of these activities will be taking place over the summer when I have time and space to spend a day with the camera and such.  I will be carrying my camera around with me now, trying to capture different aspects of my days.  Enjoy!

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Kelly_SSJ/A said...

they do say a journey begun is a journey won!!!! prayers as you continue journeying!