Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Calling all readers!

I have been suffering from a major writer's and art block.  I don't know if it has been the February Blah's or what, but I just haven't been able to do much arting or thinking about interesting things to blog about. 

So I'm asking for my reader's help...

Are there topics you're interested in?
What have you liked in the past on my blog?
Any ideas?  Requests?
Any cure for writing and arting block?

Thanks...I love blogging and I feel guilty when I am absent from the blogosphere for weeks.  Thanks for helping me get back on track.



Anonymous said...

Being from Illinois I think it's just winter weighing us down. It's tough being creative when you have the winter blahs. But I'll try and give you a pick me up. I have certain blogs that I read everyday. Somedays ok that's nice. BUT some days they just touch my very being with words I truly need to read to bring comfort, wisdom and the knowledge that their is a God who loves me. Never underestimate your ability to touch someone. If a smile can make some one feel better, imagine what words can do. Get back to blogging GIRL! :) God Bless

Anonymous said...

Maybe short prayers like the one you wrote recently, and reflections--things someone can repeat mentally in stressful times. Also, your discernment is an intriguing discussion. Maybe books you've read recently and want to review. Maybe reflections on being a few years out of college in the Milw. area. Maybe discussing some things you do to relax. This is a fun blog to read.