Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Run

My attempt at a running self-portrait
I've taken up running as a hobby since last year.  I struggle with the motivation to work up to the running--getting the clothes on, stretching, thinking about actually doing it, etc.   

I'm really trying to enjoy running;  I can't say I feel great during the run, but afterwards is another story!  Every time I run, I feel so good.  My power music keeps me going and my mind can somewhat drift off to where it needs to be.  It's great process time for me.  So why the struggle?  Why the hesitation?  Why the lackadaisical, "Oh, I'll run tomorrow (when I know I may not) attitude"?

I'm sure there are plenty of metaphors which can go along with running and my journey, if I thought hard enough.  Maybe for now, the fact that I am running is enough.  I'm being present to running.  I'm allowing time for running.  I'm just running, not a lot, not great distances, but I'm there.  I'm not good at it, I'm not winning anything, I'm not competing.  I'm just running.

Maybe the fact that I am knowing and being present to my journey is enough.  I'm allowing myself the time to journey. Just journey.  Maybe this is enough for now. 

Enough...why does that word love me (and by love me, I mean haunt me) so much?  Enough...yes?  Just enough.


Anonymous said...

Enough is enough. I hope that your inner excavation reveals to you what the rest of us know about you...your "enough" is amazingly deep and wide. You are not Running on Empty!

sarah, rsm said...

why is it that we don't think enough is good when there are SO MANY who haven't it?

enough is GOOD!!