Saturday, June 30, 2007

Giving Voice--Day 3

I have a few minutes to give an "unjust" recap of the experiences. I will have to delve into a more thoughtful reflection at another time.

I'm going to take a "non-traditional" blog approach and edit this entry with some more reflections on my time in Boston. I'll add my "new thoughts" in RED. :)

Yesterday afternoon we heard from Hermana Miriam, SNDdeN about listening to the heartbeat across cultural boundaries. She spoke of maintaining a "spirit of discernment", naming our fears, being rooted. We had a very thoughtful large group discussion following Miriam's talk. Miriam was authentic and was a powerful talk/discussion.

Sr. Miriam shared her experiences in choosing to come to speak with us and from her ministry and life in Peru. She shared her fears and her aspirations. She talked about her experiences of a contemplative spirit and how that is her way to respond to working with the poor. She says, "We are with the poor, but we are not taking roots." she suggested that we must collaborate with others to confront the causes of poverty.
She challenged us to be "announce the Gospel and denounce evil" this challenge she also reminded us that we are called to discover our being and to develop a spirit of constant discernment. This spirit will help us to hear and read the signs of the times.
WOAH. Seriously...what a call. I found it interesting that she mentioned "not taking roots". She explained it that we know how to find the poor, but can the poor find us? It's an interesting I'd like to bring to our community (and I also have some thoughts that resurfaced with Meg's talk). I loved that our call is to collaborate, read the signs of the times, and to live in a spirit of discernment. As much as the "D" word (discernment) makes me squirm...she raises a good point. I had some profound WOAH moments with this sloshing around in my head!
We had the pleasure to have Hna. Miriam in our small group. She brought a great perspective from her experiences in Peru to our discussion. Sr. Carolina, a Rochester Franciscan from Columbia was also in our small group. It was great to always have an international perspective in asking ourselves the question of "Who are we and what must we do as religious". I also appreciated that our circle was bilingual. Thanks to Sr. Mary, SNDdeN for all of her hard work translating. I loved the experience of communicating in two languages; it was good practice for my Spanish!

(In my Bostonian accent:) Then our evening was a night on the town in Bahstun. We ahl hahpped on the Chah-ley and went dahntahn. The-ah was lahv music and good eahten. Then some of us went to the originahl Cheer's eatery to have a hisahrical moment. We wahked ahrahnd the Nahrth end and the Fahnueil Hall ahrea. We managed to lahugh a little (ha!) and have some fun together. It was great. (Hey SMAM...) We didn't pahk the cahr; however...sahhry.

Today has been deep and intense. We heard from Sr. Meg Guider, OSF from Joliet on listening to the collective heartbeat of Religious life. She was amazing. I will write about my head-sloshing later...I can't right now; but don't fret...I will post about my thoughts...I just need to organize the sloshing a bit's so exciting. I regret...I didn't have my camera during her talk...SORRY MEG! :(
MEG! Sr. MEG WAS SO INCREDIBLE. First of all...I must say...she is a TEACHER and a phenomenal one at that. Her energy and engageability (ha! I just made that word up) was great. I hope I can take a class from her sometime. Her style was...hmmm..."I'm going to give you some input that is totally exhilarating, but I'm not going to answer all the questions for you. I'm going to leave a lot open ended so you have to THINK, CRITICALLY...make some conclusions and ask more questions..." I was in heaven.
Sr. Meg gave us 3 "themes" to think about when we are listening to the heart of religious life:
1. Reciprocity--How do you understand this? How do you live reciprocity? I internalized this as sub themes of accountability and mutuality. How are we calling one another to ???? community life? to Mission? And am I open to the reciprocal interchange? (That can be the tough part)
2. Imagination and Visibility--This was my favorite theme (surprise surprise). MAKE IT HAPPEN. She really challenged us to think about how are we visible? She used the "Sisters at Selma" as examples of visibility and imagination. She also challenged us to think about ways to be visible together...our 2in lapel pins and 4 inch congregational symbol necklaces...perhaps aren't as visible as we think. Are we being as visible as we can...for the good of others? MAKE IT HAPPEN..takes creativity and imagination. Our foundresses, Sisters at Selma, etc...didn't take 3 years to strategically plan, vote, vote again, have open mic...etc...they did it; with imagination. (We were CRACKING that example...that is SO how we do business these days in our congregations!)
3. Motherhood of Spirit--Meg juxtaposed a mother's journey with our journey of "birthing ideas"; "A mother puts her life at risk by bringing new life into the world, thus she will defend the life she has brought forth." As women religious (Spiritual motherhood), are we putting our lives at risk? Are we defending the "life" in our care?
AND...of all the things Meg said...this was imprinted on MY BEING. "WRITE YOUR LIVES IN BLOOD, NOT INK". Meaning, we talk and we write and we talk some more and we write and draft up these documents...BUT do we REALLY LIVE what we COMMIT OURSELVES TO? This image of writing our lives in BLOOD was carried through in many of our small group discussions. There's a finality...and a different meaning to the commitment with this image.

Now we are trying to sort through the collective sloshing of the group. We are finding that through this contemplative experience; words are difficult because they box us in. Sometimes there are no words. We are speaking in images and metaphors...and still can't articulate the heart of the matter. Our group has taken the "non-traditional" approach in many ways....more about that later too.
The picture on the left (below) is one of our "non-traditional" approaches; from the session processing Meg's talk. We were supposed to write where our group was in the process of answering the question: "As women religious, here and now, who must we be, what must we do?"
As I said was so hard to come up with words. We felt very boxed in. What we did agree was that we needed (and felt) the freedom to keep asking the questions. So we took our sentence: "We are called to be free enough to continue to live into the questions with integrity" and wrote it in the shape of a question mark.
The photo on the right (above) is our final "non-traditional" approach. This was the synthesis of all of our responses. We were to put our "image" on the white paper and with blue slips of paper add the themes that affected our group. We were going to leave the white paper blank to make our statement but then we started talking about movement and "looking through" toward the future. We decided to cut a whole in our paper so that we could look through...the blue slip of paper had the words on it that we began with in the 1st exercise (in English and Spanish).
We thought that this amount of ambiguity allowed not only for all of our interpretations to be heard, but also the voice of the other participants. It was important for our group to say that the movement of the spirit passes through back and forth and we need to look through the lens of "big issues" toward the future. YEE HAH! Our paper created lots of discussion when we did our walk around to view other groups...exactly what we were looking for!

Okie dokie...back to the hall for now...but please visit soon...I will have more to share!
I have loads more pictures from the liturgy, the dance (yes...we danced and danced and danced), and the closing ritual that I will try to put on a slideshow similar to the graduation post.
So there's my more intensive update; if you haven't inferred already...Giving Voice 2007 was an incredible experience. I wrote to one of my Sisters that I had all of these "WOAH..OH NO...OH YES...WOO HOO...YIPEE...OH CRAP....YEE HAH..." insights...which is very very good. Now it's the "share those insights shminsights and MAKE IT HAPPEN time" ....yikes!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Giving Voice Day 2--Morning Session

This morning's topic was "Listening to the heartbeat of God and Ourselves". As I mentioned yesterday; we are tapping into the wisdom to learn into the future. We began with a phenomenal PowerPoint presentation with many images of creation. This centered us on our call, religious life, and God's presence. It was mission focused, but not in the sense that we always talk about mission in our congregations. One quote (paraphrased) that made an impact on me was,

Mission is God's initiative, God's activity. The subject of mission is God. Mission is the primary work of God's spirit renewing the face of the earth.

This led us into an introduction of the contemplative discussion process we are using. This process asks us to open ourselves to listen and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We take time to write out our responses and our initial sharing is reading them--with no dialogue. We held each persons reflection and then prepared ourselves to focus on the next person in our circle.

I was a bit skeptical of this process (not being so used to this contemplative stuff and always embracing an opportunity for vulnerability); however, it is a really beautiful process. I appreciate the structure, time and space for reflecting. The initial sharing is thoughtful and really engages us as listeners. We are present to each person and what they are speaking to us. After every one has shared we have the opportunity to raise questions or comment on things that struck us.

I took my 35 mins of space for my reflection; went for a walk with Sr. Erin (an OSU from Cleveland) and then spent the last 20 mins writing. The question we are using is: As women religious, here and now, who must we be, what must we do? The response was from our own experiences.

Ok...usually with these things...I'll make a list, or let things slush around a bit. I sat down, was quiet for a few minutes...and WOOOOSH....the sloshing was spewing onto my paper! It was really powerful! Took me off guard and by surprise totally! This was my reflection:

"Women of God, you are called to live into your "YES". Your "YES" which comes from a place of energy, joy, passion and deep commitment. Your "YES" which will keep you learning.

Your "YES" which will help you to trust the wisdom--wisdom you have and wisdom you will encounter.Live into your "YES". Your "YES voice" will speak your truth; it will speak your heart; it will keep you centered in God. YES, God calls you to this "YES".

God also calls you to unite your YES with others--to listen to their "YES". God asks you to listen for those who are unable to speak their YES. The unspoken YES--you are called to hear it and walk with those whose YES may be buried. Walk with them--hear their voice.

Live into your YES, Learn from the Yes's which surround you, spoken and silent. If YES is uncomfortable or challenging--GOOD. Underneath any YES, is God-embracing you with the Yes of the Divine."

During the sharing....people's reflections and thoughts to answer this question were so moving. There were some similar elements and themes: risk taking, joy, passion, openness, movement, authenticity...just to name a few. Profound and prayerful...very energizing.

I was thinking about my reflection of YESness...there is a Sister who was one of our congregational leaders, Sr. Lauretta. I never met her; she died at a young age. I hear stories about her and read a few things about her...and just felt this connection. It's strange. She inspires me in some ways through these stories. One of her personal quotations is, "Yes to God, all my life." Wow...I guess the stories about her touch me in a deeper way in light of the experiences here. Yes to God...all my life...listen for the Yes's....Thanks Lauretta!

This afternoon we are listening to the heartbeat of our Brothers and Sisters in Latin America! Will update soon....

Peace and all good.....YESSSSS!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Giving Voice Day 1 consisted of last minute preparations. It was a good day. Low key...we got our stuff done and had some down time. I went for a great walk and listened to my tunes on the mp3 player. It's amazing to me sometimes how the spirit works. I always have my mp3 on shuffle...but sometimes I pick a genre. If I'm praying or walking and praying I usually have it on my liturgical setting for genre. Today I decided to have some Katy space and take a nice, brisk walk. Set that mp3 to my walking/praying music and off I went. The songs were really interesting. "We are Called" was first...which is one of my favorites. Then "Come and Journey with Me" came on. There were others, but sometimes music and lyrics just hit you because of the space you are in. Today was one of those moments for me. I'm telling ya...sometimes the spirit is just THERE....woo hoo!

I found this lovely rose garden (I didn't have my camera) which reminded me of the secret garden; it was enclosed and there was a gate that you passed through. It was nice. The layout was in a circle (like a labyrinth) and "Everyday God" came on my player. It was a really lovely meditation for me. I was all energized with this walk as I returned back to the Emmanuel College campus to finish last details for the conference.

While the rest of the crew was preparing (i.e. Sr. Leslie, CDP to the right getting the world go girl) I was staffing the registration table tonight. That was such a fun job. I got to greet people and meet them as they came in. It is so ENERGIZING to meet so many young nuns from congregations I'm unfamiliar with. I was happy to meet them and help them get settled.

Then we gathered in the auditorium, which will be our processing space for the weekend. We are seated in groups of 8 sisters; in circles. We will be in the same groups all weekend. The process we are going to engage in asks us to open ourselves a bit to a place of openness, honesty, and vulnerability. It is a contemplative process where we ask ourselves the same question over and over, but in light of our previous experiences and discussions the impact of the question will shift. For be honest...the process sounds interesting. I have a hard time with "SLOW DOWN" "BE QUIET" processes; however, this one requires analysis and intensity..which I like. Who knows...this may be my key to BALANCE! (insert Hallelujah chorus here)....

The environment was to reflect the world. Our weekend's topic is: Listening to Voices Across Continents. In the middle of each circle of chairs was a photograph of some aspect of unrest (political, creational, social, etc...)of a part of the world. We all were representing a cardinal direction (i.e. my group was East and we had a picture representing poverty in Asia).

Sr. Lisa, RSCJ (my bud!) wrote a prophetic mantra which really set the tone. Sr. Leslie began with the most moving ritual movement I have ever experienced. She was so graceful and what touched me the most was how it was really moving from her heart. I told her (I'm an educator...I had to give feedback) "Leslie...I move on an 8 move with your heart" I was grateful for the appreciation of this prayer style. It was really moving (no pun inteded...I was authentically touched)! Then the groups represented by the directions 1 at a time were invited to stand and hold their image of that part of the world. Leslie gracefully led them to the center where they removed a scarf and world candle and returned to their circle; leaving their image behind on the stage. We all ended with our own scarf and globe candle in our circle. The meaning I took from it was, the environment was set; however, when we all gathered, we become the environment; it was very unifying. Coming from 60 different congregations and what binds us together this weekend is being "younger" and/or "newer" members...that was a powerful image to start a weekend.

We were told today to assume that we have learned from the past; as often in our congregations we reflect on "the past" and/or are told how much we have yet to learn. Albeit, very important, today we were given the freedom to say "yes...we learn". We have committed ourselves to "learn of the future" for the weekend. The future of religious life, or at least a representation is gathered. What can we learn from the wisdom of the future? We are giving ourselves the freedom to tap into that wisdom. That is so powerful for me. I am anxious for the process to unfold!

And the question we will ask ourselves and share our truths and wisdom this weekend: "As women religious, here and now, who must we be, what must we do?" We'll we welcome the wisdom and the spirit in our presences this weekend.

The Forgotton Bear

An addendum to last night's post...

The forgotten animal is the Bear (Sr. Rose, CSJ)...we had a finger puppet reconciliation for me forgetting her this morning. No photos of that though...we don't do pictures in the morning.

Later...for now...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hello from BOSTON!

I am here assisting in the preparation for the National Conference of Giving Voice--the Voices of the Younger Religious. I arrived on Monday, the planning crew arrived today and we are getting ready for 70 more religious women under 50 to join our voices in the present reality and future of relgious life. It is a time of prayer, community, discussion, and of course fun.

Now...what happens when 10 young, vibrant, fun women religious get together on a HOT HOT HOT evening in Boston? Why...they pick an "alter ego" represented by a finger puppet and go a little crazy. I'll let the pictures tell the story...

You see...when different animals from different parts of the world get together...sometimes there is a great need for conflict resolution. Here "Matilde Moose" (me), who is trained in "I statements and feeling talk" is helping Pandora the Panda (Sr. Nancy, IHM) and Fran the Frog (Sr. Leslie, CDP) mediate their troubles and communicate how they really feel.

The hysterical part is....that's really what was happening in between heaves of laughter. What we learn in Initial formation...and how we apply it to our real lives...hmmm......"I statements" "Active listening" and "Feeling words"'s true...this is what we do for fun. HA!

After a successful round of mediation, all of our little alter ego puppets gather for a group hug. special.

There always is an elephant in the our case it's Eucaria the Elephant (Sr. Kristin, SNDdeN)...she was giving us our dinner options for the evening...yes...using her puppet.

Last but not least...the monkey (Sr. Lisa, RSCJ) and the moose realize that they can be good pals. Isn't that sweet? We also have a Parrot (Sr. Carolina, OSF), Mother Duck (Sr. Maria, OSU), a Lion (Sr. Marianne, CSJ), a giraffe (Sr. Jeannie, OSU) and shoot..I can't remember the other animal...I'll give her a special place tomorrow! SORRY!

So...that's the update for now. I have access to my camera and a computer (obviously) so I will try to have some updates during the conference for you all.

On more serious note...puppets's just such a wonderful opportunity to get your religious life batteries charged every now and again. There are so many ways we get to do this...retreat, assemblies, conferences. Giving Voice is huge for me. It's a time and space to gather with people who have passion and commitment around the similar things. We are people who believe in the presence and the future of religious life. We are there to support one another on this unique journey...when at times it's difficult to find "peer support". I'm so grateful to be here and have a space to with finger puppets, but mostly to share life with incredible women who have a call and commitment which I too am passionate about. My head is already spinning with some of the conversations...and I know more and more will unfold as our time together will continue!

More manana...Adios!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


On Tuesday our house SURPRISED (that's right folks...we really got her too) Sr.Arlene with a special Jubilee dinner! Arlene thought we were having community night...well we were, but not as she thought! :-) 50 years of Religious life we celebrated...such a commitment; we're happy to celebrate with you Sr. Arlene
We took her to Benihana's restaurant for Japanese Hibachi style eats. We had a lot of fun. Those of you who are unfamiliar...they cook the meal right in front of you at your own little grill. They do cool flips and rhythms and such with their utensils and the food. At one point the chef takes the shrimp tales and flips them into his cap and spins around to catch it. It's definitely an interactive experience.
Well...not to be outdone...the next night Srs. Josefina and Rosie cooked us a fantastic authentic Mexican meal. mmmm....yum! yum! So I started recreating our Benihana experience with the salt and pepper shaker when one of the Sisters challenged me to see if I could indeed flip a piece of pineapple into my mouth! could I not respond to the challenge???? That's right...I did and have the pictures to prove it!
Welcome to Katyhana's......

And I'm off....pineapple perfectly balanced on my fork. Concentrate! Concentrate! And the flip...

Nice flip; excellent trajectory...toward the ceiling...there is a yellow streak which is indeed pineapple in flight. Look at my form, such grace! Wow!

Oooh and the catch is clean! Pineapple in the mouth. Perfect!

And finally on the dismount...we have pineapple, nice pose, and a smirk for our judges. Well done! Brava, bravo! You may have a calling in Hibachi style cooking. Hmmmm...I wonder if we should budget for a Hibachi grill...just kidding.
One could surmise that fun was had by all...especially me...go figure! Hey...I didn't get "one fun nun" as a nickname for nothing! C'mon!
Tomorrow is a busy day too. We are going to celebrate Sr. Beth's 25 year jubilee! I am singing at her la la la la. I love jubilee time. It's great to celebrate these commitments and LIFE with my sisters.
That's all I got for now folks. Ciao ciao...bambina/os!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Holy Wisdom Monastery--Reflections of Ecumenism

ec·u·me·nism, noun
  1. A movement promoting unity among Christian churches or denominations.
  2. A movement promoting worldwide unity among religions through greater
    cooperation and improved understanding
On Wednesday I travelled to Madison for a "mini-vacation" with my great friends/sisters Mary Ann and Jeanne.

Jeanne is long-time friends of the Benedictine Sisters of Madison and they graciously let us stay at one of the houses just off the Monastery campus. Now...when I told people where I was going for my "mini-vaca" there was some snickering to think of me vacationing at a monastery! Humpf! I loved it there!

As usual, I had a lovely time with Mary Ann and Jeanne. We relaxed, walked around the beautiful grounds, played some cards, chatted a bit, took a field trip. It was very relaxing and nice to be with them.

Now...I will give you a little background on them (and include the link...visit their site!) and delve into my reflection. I don't often post these powerful musings and "Spirit Moments" that I have, but I think this one is worth sharing! I hope it makes sense...

The Benedictine Women of Madison are an ecumenical community of women who follow in the tradition of St. Benedict. Benedictine sisters are monastic which is different than Franciscans who are generally Evangelical/Apostolic congregations.

Jeanne arranged for me to meet three of Sisters who are in this community: Sisters Mary David, Lynne, and Joanne. The six of us sat and had a discussion about their journey to become an ecumenical congregation. This community invites single, Christian women (from any denomination) who feel a call to monastic life to consider joining them. Sister Lynne is an ordained Presbyterian minister!

Hearing their story and getting a sense of the passion and discernment they went through in this journey of becoming an ecumenical community was fascinating. Much of what we discussed resonated with me. I was particularly moved by their courage and creating something they believed in unceasingly. The fire and the drive of these women was impressionable. Truly prophetic women who are living out the Gospel in a way that is authentic to them.

Ecumenism is something I have energy around too. If we are all called by God to live the Gospel there a question about the need and practicality of ecumenism? Didn't Jesus himself preach, teach, and model ecumenism? Not to mention, the status quo shattering that Jesus participated in on a regular basis. Didn't Jesus ask his disciples to be bring the Good News to all?

These women and their story does not go with out challenges and pain. I am very moved by their journey. I am disappointed in those who can not open their eyes to the messages of the Gospel; those who find it hard to practice a model of inclusivity. I get frustrated that as people of faith we don't always model what Jesus modeled for us. I'm angered at the abuse of power.

I also have hope. Hope and encouragement from these women who made a commitment to something they believe in and are called to. I have hope for the future of religious life as a whole which will need to be collaborative. I know from our own School Sister of St. Francis history...we went through some very rough times. Yet...our Sisters have been so passionate about what we believed in...we have been quite prophetic--in some ways setting precedence for many changes in religious life! I know we continue to be prophetic in many ways.

I think the value of ecumenism is embedded in to the Gospel teachings. That night (after a game of cards and an intense and wonderful conversation about power), my head was spinning. Abuse of power really pushes my buttons (and that's saying it quite tempered for me!) Among some other reflections I had related to hearing the story of the Benedictine Sisters and our power conversation...the Gospel of John "Love one another, as I have loved you" popped into my head (and if you know me at'll know that this is a feat in itself that Scripture would pop into my head!).

"That's it!" I thought...that's my Gospel for my Profession liturgy. I had been mulling over what to use for a Gospel for some time now! And this was perfect!

It's all so simple: Love one another, as I have loved you...
That is what should be a the heart of our call...our prophetic witness...our global community. Love one another.

Thanks for the experience, Sisters Mary David, Lynne, and Joanne...I learned much and continue to be energized with you! Peace and all good!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Sometimes I love these little silly Internet quizzes.....

See for yourself:
Your Five Factor Personality Profile
You have high extroversion.You are outgoing and engaging, with both strangers and friends.You truly enjoy being with people and bring energy into any situation.Enthusiastic and fun, you're the first to say "let's go!"
You have medium conscientiousness.You're generally good at balancing work and play.When you need to buckle down, you can usually get tasks done.But you've been known to goof off when you know you can get away with it.
You have medium agreeableness.You're generally a friendly and trusting person.But you also have a healthy dose of cynicism.You get along well with others, as long as they play fair.
You have low neuroticism.You are very emotionally stable and mentally together.Only the greatest setbacks upset you, and you bounce back quickly.Overall, you are typically calm and relaxed - making others feel secure.
Openness to experience:
Your openness to new experiences is high.In life, you tend to be an early adopter of all new things and ideas.You'll try almost anything interesting, and you're constantly pushing your own limits.A great connoisseur of art and beauty, you can find the positive side of almost anything.

Now...I'd say this is "semi-on-target"...a few things made me laugh. Namely, "You have a healthy dose of cynicism" Perfect...I always thought it was healthy. :-) I'm happy to discover that I have "low neuroticism" (of course I do...ha ha); however...I almost fell on the floor reading "you are typically calm and relaxed..." yeah..when I'm asleep! Quizzes are fun....not so revealing of one's true self...but it's a nice procrastination technique!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Article Link

One more thing....

I wrote an article for our community newsletter (US) that may be of interest to my readers...

It was about a gathering of women religious under 40 that I attended in January. We have the big national conference coming up in 2 weeks in Boston. I'm sooooo excited.

Click here to go to the online version....

Peace out!

One Fun Bridesmaid!

This past weekend I went to Raleigh, North Carolina to be a bridesmaid in my friend Lauren's wedding! Lauren and I have been friends since we were 6. Our backyards connected...she and I had walkie talkies that we'd talk to each other under our covers when we were supposed to be sleeping. She has a sister Jamie Lee who is my sister Molly's age. We were all inseparable. It was always Katy and Lauren and Jamie (Lee) and Molly. We were in and out of each others houses. The Ruprights moved when Lauren and I were in middle school...but Lauren and I have kept our friendship goin'... I love those kinds of friends!

Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner at the church. It was a nice, mellow celebration. I got to see a lot of the Rupright family that I haven't seen in a while which was nice. I met some of Lauren and Jamie (the husband)'s friends from the church...they were great. Such hospitable people!

Here are some of the highlights (please excuse the sister whom I love dearly...took the wedding pictures!)

Here Lauren and I are getting pedicures...oooh la la. And here is a picture of Jamie Lee being goofy; oh wait that's her normal look. Ha ha! Jamie Lee made us bridesmaids these tank tops that said: BRIDESMAID and on the back they had our names. Nice! The weather was hot, hot and humid...but not a cloud in the sky!

After our pedicures...we went back to Lauren's place for lunch, hair, makeup, and DANCING...that's right folks...mostly we got our groove on. GREAT MUSIC, I must say...all of those hits from the 80s and 90s...that we all know and love.

Then we were "Goin' to the chapel (church) so Lauren can get ma-a-a-ried" Lauren's husband, Jamie is one of the pastors at New Horizon Church. It was a big place with lots of land. Yes there are now two Jamie's! Hence the Jamie (Lee) distinction. was are some of the wedding pictures that turned out (Love you Molly!)
That's me getting ready to walk down the aisle. Our dresses (and wedding color scheme) were brown and blue. We had Calla lilies in a very simple bouquet...they were gorgeous.

To the right you'll see Lauren and Ken (her dad) walking down the aisle. Lauren's dress was absolutely stunning. Jamie (Lee), sister/hairstylist extraordinaire, did Lauren's hair.

Here's a shot of the bridal party. Jamie Lee was the maid-of-honor, and the rest of us were all friends from various times of Lauren's life. We had a blast at the reception dancing, dancing, dancing!
You may kiss the bride! Wooo hooo!

Here's me right after the wedding. This is the face that says, "Get me out of these heels and onto the dance floor!'
Here's a lovely picture of Jamie Lee, Molly, and me. Jamie and Molly are the same person...I'm telling's scary how similar they are.
It was so great to see my sister too! She lives in NC and came down with her boyfriend, Bennett (picture below) for the wedding. We got to hang the next day before I came home on Monday!

To the happy couple, Lauren and Jamie--Many congratulations and blessings. It was great being a part of your special day. I wish you many blessings! I love you forever!
To Kristy, Ken, Jamie (and the rest of my surrogate family)--Thanks for such a wonderful day and evening. Everything was fantastic. It was so nice spending time with you all!
To Kelly, Michelle, Tamika, Dougie and the rest of you that I met from NHC--it was so wonderful to meet you!
And to my fellow bridesmaids...what a blast; it was great to meet you/see some of you again. I had so much fun being with you all. long lost are out-of-control...but I loved every minute of it!
Yay for being One Fun Bridesmaid!
Now it's slap, back to reality...ugh.