Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Episode 2 of TheSisterhood is published!

Want a recap of what's happening on TheSisterhood?  My review of week #2 is published!

Check it out!  Feel free to comment there or here on Religious Life Rocks: Adventures of One Fun Nun.  Let's get a dialog going...

TheSisterhood: Becoming Nuns 
Episode 2 recap:  To Legit to Quit

(Need to catch up on Week 1?  How Legit is The Sisterhood? )

The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns
Photo credit: ChannelGuide Magazine

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Back on the writing train...

I've been hired by ChannelGuide Magazine to review Lifetime's new Docu-series: The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns from the lens of having been through the process.  It's exciting and fun to rekindle my writing about religious life.

I'll be linking my retired blogs: Religious Life Rocks: The Adventures of One Fun Nun and NunSpeak to my reviews to provide my ChannelGuide readers to read about my experiences in religious life.

The blog content here is still retired; however, I'll be sure to update One Fun Nun with links to my articles as they are published.

Looking forward to having you along for the ride again...

Come and check out the review of Episode 1: How Legit is The Sisterhood...  

(I sold out to my "Just Say No to Twitter" campaign; I tweet about The Sisterhood at the handle @md2bk  come fly in the aviary too! (That's either really awesome Twitterease or just awful and groany--either way...I'm entertained!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New steps...Retiring

After much consideration...I've decided to retire my blog.  My life has had significant changes in the last 2 years and I need to close this chapter to begin another.  I haven't decided if I will begin a new blog or not...if I do, I will post the link on this page.  For now...I'm just remaining on the foot in front of the other.  

Thank you so much to my loyal readers! 

Peace and all good,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Create a Chapel

I had the opportunity on a gorgeous autumn day to wander around the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL.  Their initial screen on the web page states: "...offering a place of peace and tranquility where they will find healing, renewal, inspiration, and a re-energized soul..."  Well...shoot...just what I needed!

Reflective, quiet time has been a struggle since I've been struck with major soul malaise (see post).  In fact, my spiritual director said I should announce a "snit" absence of requiring myself and "should-ing" myself into my normal patterns and expectations of prayer.  Let God meet me where I'm at kinda thing.  So people...I'm in a SNIT and approved and ready to activate SNIT. 

I was gifted with a glorious, crisp, sunny autumn day and some time to wander.  I found the beauty comforting and the time and space to think somewhat healing.  It dawned on me that it was the feast of All Saints (11-1-11); part of my snit is not including liturgical prayer.  I love liturgy; it's one of my most favorite expressions of prayer. It speaks to me of COMMUNITY and coming together.  I've lived community, been the living body of Christ, being Eucharist to those with whom I encounter in ministry and community life.  Part of my soul malaise is experiencing deep pain in being in community situations.  It pierces me deeply; inconsolable pain.  Going to Mass was not going to happen for me this All Saints.   Feeling the guilt and then remembering my spiritual director's advice to let God meet me where I'm at formed a sense of calm and invitation to "create a chapel" in the space I'm in--physically, spiritually, psychologically.  This Haiku emerged:

Create a chapel--
Embracing silence, beauty
God met me in me.

 I only had my cell phone to take pictures and thanks to perfect light conditions and the most vibrant colors I've ever seen...I got some great shots.  Nothing fancy, but some are really cool.  I of course put it to music which touches into where I'm at too.  This piece is called "Breakable" by Ingrid Michaelson.

To my Saints...thank you for your prayerful guidance.  To my Souls...I pray for you.  To my God...thank you for meeting me inside of me.  I continue to hold on to the thread...