Sunday, May 1, 2011

Retreat Artwork

I wanted to share some of the creations that I did during my retreat days.  I had the intention of making this some creative space days and the Holy Spirit was definitely present.  I was arting like there was no tomorrow.  It was wonderful.  Here are some pieces with haikus that go with them from my Triduum retreat.

This "I AM" is a profound thing for me.  She came out of a prayer experience and has given me some of my "hutzpah" back.  She is the me who is confident, faith-filled, believing.  She is my strength.  Her name is, "I AM" and has been a rich part of my prayer and journey lately.  You will see she appears in my art work and Haikus frequently.

As sun rise: I AM
Strong; harmonious:  I AM
I AM who I AM
She finds her balance
A sense of place, she has found.
Yes.  She did fight back.

A spiraled journey
She has traveled day by dad
To the center: Joy.

Words capture moment
Stay with me, in the present.
Look toward the sun.  Rise.
Who is this shadow?
We know she burns with passion.
She will break through.  Free.

This "I AM Cross"  doesn't have a Haiku.  This cross was significant for me, a piece I did on Good Friday.  It really symbolized a refounding of my I AM.

This next piece is a triptych entitled:  "Caves of Faith"  They each have an individual title as well which I'll put in the caption with her Haiku.  I love this piece.  I didn't intend to leave the ladies white, but when they emerged out of the background, it was so powerful.  This piece was truly the Holy Spirit working through me.
"Caves of Faith"
Begin the journey.
Pleading:  "God please understand."
Humbly waiting. Loved.

I know you're there God.
My call; always in my heart.
I will wait for you.
I give my life, God.
To You, I sing the praises.
Yes...for all my life.