Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthday Post (better late than never)

Well, I'm now 31!  Definitely not as traumatic as last year's big 3-0.  I actually quite enjoyed this birthday; had some nice gathering with friends and happy days. 

I found this website: Wordle to use with the kids.  I did a great Faith Sharing activity with them using these "wordles" and they turned out so nice; profound actually.  I took the day off yesterday to have a "me day"; spent it with some nice reflective and arty-time.  I reread my journals from the past year and picked out some words to describe this past year of my life. It was probably the most turbulent, transition and grief-filled year of my life; however, it has probably been the most growth producing as well.  Enjoy my artistic interpretation of my 30th year of life!
Wordle: The 30th Year

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Run

My attempt at a running self-portrait
I've taken up running as a hobby since last year.  I struggle with the motivation to work up to the running--getting the clothes on, stretching, thinking about actually doing it, etc.   

I'm really trying to enjoy running;  I can't say I feel great during the run, but afterwards is another story!  Every time I run, I feel so good.  My power music keeps me going and my mind can somewhat drift off to where it needs to be.  It's great process time for me.  So why the struggle?  Why the hesitation?  Why the lackadaisical, "Oh, I'll run tomorrow (when I know I may not) attitude"?

I'm sure there are plenty of metaphors which can go along with running and my journey, if I thought hard enough.  Maybe for now, the fact that I am running is enough.  I'm being present to running.  I'm allowing time for running.  I'm just running, not a lot, not great distances, but I'm there.  I'm not good at it, I'm not winning anything, I'm not competing.  I'm just running.

Maybe the fact that I am knowing and being present to my journey is enough.  I'm allowing myself the time to journey. Just journey.  Maybe this is enough for now. 

Enough...why does that word love me (and by love me, I mean haunt me) so much?  Enough...yes?  Just enough.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

I actually am one of those people who love this day.  I love the ritual and symbolism, the coming together as a faith community, the reminder of humility...I think it is such a powerful ritual in our faith tradition.

I decided on a few Lenten practices for myself with the hope of some inner transformation.  I would like to get back into my more reflective stance.  I would like to be more regular in my prayer life.  I decided to limit myself to an hour of computer time each day (not including work necessity) and with the "leftover time", get back into a prayer and journaling routine.  I also committed to doing at least one experience of art journaling each week.  God willing, it will be more.  I see this time as time for me to slow down and go inward, again.  A practice of quieting my spirit, in the most positive sense.  A quieting to be able to listen for what messages are trying to emerge.  All part of my "Inner excavation" journey, I guess. 

Luckily, I had my camera with me today!  (I told you I was going to carry it around with me.)  I would have loved to take a few shots of the kids at some points during the liturgy, but I was the cantor and serving in that way.  So I snuck into church during my prep period and captured a few things which spoke to me of this special day and beginning this Lenten journey. 

May you all be at peace and walk gently these next days of Lent. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Journey has Begun...

I needed to gather a few tools for this project. 
My first step to this new process was creating my art journal. 

I collaged and used watercolor crayon for the cover.  I am in LOVE with watercolor crayon.  They are fun to use and have such vibrant colors.  It's like, "Hey I can paint, but ha! It's really a crayon!"

The author of this book does a lot of self portrait I gave it a whirl the other day.  I made them with a blue tone on my camera and printed a couple off for the first page in my art journal.  The quotation on the left says, "The feeling remains that God is on the journey too."--St. Teresa of Avila

Personally...I like the shoes the best. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011


As you can see, my blog has had an extreme makeover.  Title, description, colors, everything!  I've been sloshing this around in my head for a few months now.  I needed something different; something that's more appropriate for where I am on my journey and what I plan on blogging about.  I needed a better fit.

I got this book called: Inner Excavation which is an art journaling project that I began to do.  I thought it was a great title so I swiped it and added my own little twist, "Journey of I AM."  This whole I AM concept came to me in a prayer experience I had recently.  It's the voice of God in my life.  It's the journey.  It's the balance, the discovery, the direction (or lack there of...).  I AM has become an important part of my discernment and sums up where God is for me lately.  It's been quite powerful!

So I invite you to continue with me on my journey...same station, same me...just a new look and direction.

Peace out!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Calling all readers!

I have been suffering from a major writer's and art block.  I don't know if it has been the February Blah's or what, but I just haven't been able to do much arting or thinking about interesting things to blog about. 

So I'm asking for my reader's help...

Are there topics you're interested in?
What have you liked in the past on my blog?
Any ideas?  Requests?
Any cure for writing and arting block?

Thanks...I love blogging and I feel guilty when I am absent from the blogosphere for weeks.  Thanks for helping me get back on track.