Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas--Haikus and a Few of my favorite things...

I can't believe the month of December has flown by!  It is Christmas Day, early afternoon.  I get a little break in between family festivities and food fests so I thought I'd blog a bit.  I wrote some Haiku's and took some photos of some of my favorite things about Christmas.  Enjoy!

Moon rise; silent night.
Simple stable; holy night.
Love.  Came down for us.

Star brightly shining.
Stop. Listen.  Can you hear him?
Singing songs of peace.

Look, little one, look.
He comes.  A child, just like you.
Embrace.  He is love.

No rain drops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but these are a few of my favorite things...
Bubble lights!

Snowy Christmas

Remnants of Joy-giving.

Grandmas cookies and coffee for breakfast

Ornaments with stories
Our motherhouse.  I sang with the choir for "midnight" Mass.
Handbells.  I love singing and ringing.

The revered and most special of all cookies...the Butter Horn.  Only on Christmas do we get to partake in such splendor. most favorite is spending time with my family and community...
Mama and Kate

Crama, Dan, Mama, and Kate

Ellie and Kate

Sisters Guisselle, Charlita and me

Sisters Kathleen and Joyce

Sisters Connie, Mary Jane, Toni and Bernadette

And because this is just too funny to let go...My sister Ellie attempting to play wii tennis with a text break in the middle of it.  :) 

Oh...hang on...text break.


Merry Christmas faithful readers....