Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Phoenix Girl

I've been able to get my work done at school this week and I haven't had many things on my calendar either.  Wahoo!  I've been feeling creative and having some pretty powerful images when I'm praying and dreaming.  Today I painted this which came from an image I had this morning while praying.  My image included heavy things "raining" down on the girl too, but I omitted those from the painting and focused on the rising from the flames.  Avoidance?  Most definitely...why would I want to ruin a great image with bricks and stuff raining down on her?  Nope..not this image. 

I like how she looks strong and powerful, she's open and solid.  She appears confident in her transformation.  She is who she is and that's all that matters.

I also wrote a Haiku (A 5-7-5 poem) that goes with her.  When I was away in DC, someone gave me the "assignment" to write a Haiku a day.  It was a really nice and focused way for me to get my thoughts and feelings together.  I write a lot of Haiku's now and most often with my art work.  I'll share my Haiku's periodically on my blog with ya'll.

Phoenix Girl rises
Flames transform her; open, strong.
She is who she is.

Phoenix Girl--9/21/10 KML
It was a good image and I think I'll pray with it the next few days and see what else comes up. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Casting into the deep...

So...I'm surprising myself these days.  I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination.  My usual morning routine is wake up, run out door. 

I think I've turned over a new leaf. I have to leave my house by 7.  I've been getting up between 6 and 6:15a.m. (sometimes 6:30 ha!).  I have an automatic coffee maker so I take my cup o' Joe and put on Pray-as-you-go.  I've blogged about this website before.  It's really really a great way to pray.  It's 10-13 minutes, has some world music, the reading of the day and thoughtful reflection questions.  I've found that centering myself for these 10ish minutes has been a great start to my day. 

Last week, or the week before (I forget which day), one of the readings was Jesus telling the guys to cast their nets into the deep waters.  I was praying and that image of casting into the deep really struck me.   I spent the last 11 months "casting" a lot into my deepest spaces and being challenged with the hardest situations of my life.  I still find that underneath the tough stuff (ya know...hurt and other yuck) is love...just love.  That is when I have the rare occasion and I'm more comforted and can say, "Ok God...I don't like this, but you're in charge. I have the love."   The other times are much more frustrating.  I guess if I keep casting...it will come.  Not a big fan of the whole surrender thing.  It's not so bad when your deep carries love, though.  I just need to remember that.

Casting into My Deep--9/20/10 KML
Another week...another fishing trip ahead!  Ahoy!