Monday, January 24, 2011

Emanating Faith

I have these little prayer books that I use sometimes for my prayer at night.  I usually take the next day's reflection.  Sometimes that amazing Spirit is just so right on with what I need to reflect on.  Here is tomorrow's:

If I feel unsure about the directions of my life, I take a deep breath, remembering that faith is my sure foundation.  It is the basis upon which I build my life.  When the winds of change are blowing and my future is unclear, I remember Jesus' words to his disciples:  "If you have faith and do not will be done."  I stand on this promise, knowing that I have the strength of God within me.  So I not only stand firm in the face of adversity, I move forward with confidence, trusting the faith that emanates from the core of my being to guide, support, and encourage me.  All things are possible.

Holy Moley!  I'm really bad at this; I'm just gonna say it like it is.  Granted, my "winds of change blowing" have been more like series of destructive tornadoes; however, the message is so good for me.  Uninvited and unwanted changes.  Sometimes, I get really frustrated and discouraged with this. 

I have a great image in my mind of what it would look like to have the faith emanating from the core of my being.  It's saying, I AM strong.  I AM called.  I AM moving forward.  I AM who I AM with light pouring out.  That's empowering and encouraging.

Our foundresses said, "Nothing is impossible with God."  A quintessential ending to this reflection for me.  They were (and thank God for them and their vision!) I AM.