Saturday, December 29, 2007


The 1st Christmasy thing was the Christmas program at Holy Trinity on Monday, December 17th. I'll smatter some of the pictures around my writing about it for you to see.

I remember how excited I was when I was a kid preparing for the Christmas programs. My Grandparents have never missed a concert I have been in.

As a teacher, it was always so great to see/hear the kids when they started rehearsing their pieces. (Actually it was usually quite hysterical.) Then slowly I'd start to see it come together; they'd be so excited! Then I'd get nervous for them on concert night! I'd want everything to be great for them and their parents. Of course everything would be great; the kids are cute and sang well. I give elementary music and band teachers so much credit; what a tough job!

As a principal...sheesh...I have never been so nervous. I didn't sleep all weekend because I was anxious about the concert. Sunday night, I was trying to think of all the details I needed to remember to communicate; my head was racing.

My music teacher is new this year (one of the teachers I hired); I wanted everything to be wonderful for her. I wanted my faculty to feel good about the rehearsal, afternoon concert, and evening concert and have all they needed. I wanted the students to be on their best behavior and perform well. I didn't want to forget anyone in my thank you/appreciation list during my closing words. I was a WRECK for this concert.

Monday morning came and we all gathered in church for the rehearsal time. As rehearsals generally was rough sailing. The children were SO GOOD and well behaved! I was so impressed and proud of them. The group that made a particular impact on me were the K5ers; they are an active group to begin with. They sat without making a peep for over an hour. They started to get antsy the last 40 minutes...duh...they're 5 (and I was antsy way before them!); even when they got antsy...they were so good. I just love that class! I LOVE all of the children at Holy Trinity, but as a teacher, I always had an affinity for the more challenging group of kiddos.
The afternoon concert was great. I could relax a little and then the evening performance came. My mom and grandparents (told ya they never missed!) along with Sr. Phyllis and Deb came. That was soooo nice to have some people in the audience who I knew were there to support me. The kids were fantastic! Everything went without any issues. PHEW! I was so proud of my music teacher; I think she did a great job coordinating the students, and picking fun and unique song choices (including a multi-media song).

We have an excellent band; they played very well. The kiddos sang with enthusiasm and did a great job. The 7th and 8th grade drama students put on a "DE-LIGHT"ful play (It was called A Christmas De-Light), with a great message. They were so good in their roles; again I was so proud. The first graders acted out the nativity story and were so cute in their costumes. Personally...the K4s stole the show with their bell was hilariously adorable. Holly, my K4 teacher really is phenomenal and did such a great job preparing them.

All went well...and I survived my first Christmas program as Sr. Principal! To celebrate...Grama and Grampa took me out for steak...mmmmm....yummy! Maybe next year I'll be calmer. It is something though transitioning from coordinating and being concerned about 20 some children to being concerned about 158 kiddos, 20 faculty, and parents and and and...all is well!

CHRISTMASY #2--1502 Decorates!

Now this is one of my most favoritest things to do...decorate the casa. We got a tree from St. Greg's to support the boy scouts; unfortunately the needles were dropping at warp speed. So we went back to Greg's and got Tree #2--perfect. We put on the Christmas tunes and was a wonderful time with the Sisters. Here's some 1502 Sister shots...we had grasshoppers for dessert that night!

CHRISTMASY #3, 4, and 5 (Sorry no photos...forgot my camera for 3 and 4 and 5 ran out of batteries...dohp!)

#3. I always make my Christmas gifts...always. Well...this year I just haven't had much time (hmmmm I wonder why....) So on the 23rd I decided to BAKE my gifts. I went to the White House to use the kitchen because all of my White House girls were out of town visiting their families for Christmas. I baked and I baked and I baked. I made 400 Holiday Biscotti and then packaged them up nice and purty for people. I felt better that I was able to make my gifts for people. It was only 1:30a.m. when I finally finished! I had a great time though...cranked the music and enjoyed having a house and kitchen to myself! :-)

#4. Christmas Eve/Day in 100 words or less:

Started at Srs. Toni/Charlita's for an SSSF Christmas Eve meal and celebrating. It was really nice. Then went to Grama and Grampa's house for supper and Christmasing. It was one of the most delightful, fun times we've ever had on a Christmas Eve. I don't know what made it so great, but we really had a nice time with one another. We laughed and stomach muscles still hurt from laughing! We didn't leave there until 2:15a.m. Christmas day early morning with Mom opening gifts. Christmas morning/afternoon with Dad...he made a wonderful brunch. We watched Elf and hung out. Finally Christmas Day evening at my Aunt's house for another wonderful supper and merriment. I played my cousins' wii and new drum game for was fun.

My Grama made the most phenomenal gifts for all of the grandkids...she made scrapbooks of our lives from the time we were born until the present day. They were beautiful! She has saved EVERYTHING...concert programs, cards we gave, drawings we made for was incredible. We spent hours looking at them and reminiscing. It is a treasure and a great memory.

#5. 1502 Christmas--tonight (Or it is past midnight...yikes!)

We had a wonderful dinner; everyone cooked something. Then we shared a nice Christmas prayer. I made Grasshoppers for dessert (yes, again...but they are soooo good.). Then we had the Kris Kringle revealing. It was fun! Jan received a card shuffler from her Kris so we had to try it out! It was a lovely evening with my Sisters!

Okie dokie....that brings me up to retreat day and snow fun...which I may have to wait until next time...because I'm pooped!

Friday, December 28, 2007

12 dozen cookies...5 Christmasy things...a Retreat Day, Some Snow Fun...

And a partridge in a pear tree....(Ok that one is a lie...there was no partridge. Here we go with catching up with my life for the past 6 weeks!)

This entry begins with one of my family traditions COOKIE BAKING. I hate cookie baking. Well, that isn't totally true either. I don't like group kitchen projects. For me the kitchen is a sacred space and I really enjoy cooking/baking alone. Maybe that's strange...but I've never claimed to be boring!

This year...I put my foot down! Mom calls, "Hey Kate...when do you want to bake cookies this year?" UGH..."Hey, Mom...I'm so busy and I just don't have much time and I really don't like baking cookies...can you just do it without me?" Mom: "Well, sure Kate...if you really don't want to." Kate: "Yes, mom...I really don't wanna." (Fast forward a few days later). Mom calls again, "Hey Kate...Grandma wants to bake cookies with us and she really would love it if you joined us." (She pulled the Grandma card...I do ANYTHING for my Grandma). Kate: "OK...we can bake cookies, but you have to come over to my house to bake." Mom: "Great! We're looking forward to it!" So much for putting my foot down; but it's for Grandma! :-)

So Mom, Grama, and Ellie (my littlest sister) came over and we had cookie baking extravaganza 2007. Molly had to work otherwise she would have come for the tons of cookie fun. I gave all of the ladies an apron and we were off! To the left we have Jill (my mama) sporting Beth's apron and me to the right with my special "One Fun Nun" apron. We both got KitchenAid mixers for gifts recently...and love them; new favorite kitchen toys!

Here's the baby pretending to work...just kidding Smelly; you did a very good job sugaring your peanut butter blossoms. Here's a view of the crew and some of the goodies. And finally a loverly picture of my mama and my grama. Awwwww.... it wasn't that bad! We had a wonderful time together, laughed a lot, and made wonderfully yummy cookies! Until next year...when the fun will happen again....

So there's #1 in my list of December fun....I'm going to post in separate entries so they don't get too long. Peace out...yo!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where's the Fun Nun?

Where's the Fun Nun?! Where could she be? November 13th was her last posting...aye yoy yoy! Hellllllllloooooooooooooooooooo.....are you out there? Helllooooo laadddddyyyyyyy.
I'm here! I'm here! To make up for such lost time...I'll will give you the 6 week update in 3 separate posts! Thanks for sticking with me! Enjoy the next few posts!